Peer Editing Checklist for Scripts

Name: News Team: Story Assigned to Edit:

In addition to editing the story you were assigned, you must also answer the following questions about the story. Please do not include “yes” or “no” responses. Each question must be answered with at least one full sentence. A good editor will offer feedback that is critical as well as complimentary where appropriate. Save your responses and load this document to Waypoint with your individual story and your team’s publication by Day 7.

1. Is the script properly formatted with time, on-screen, and audio-visual elements?

2. Does the writer use proper grammar throughout the script?

3. Does the writer use proper punctuation throughout the script?

4. Does the writer spell words correctly throughout the script?

5. Does the lead-in make sense?

6. Is the explanation of audio-visuals clear?

7. Is the story fair, balanced and objective?

8. Are there any statements that might be considered libelous?

9. Is the story thorough and complete?

10. Is the script well-written (clarity)?