Personal opinion

1. It has long been debated that science could not be the basis of morality, and regardless of which end of the argument aligns with your ideology, what do you think about countries where homosexuality is punishable by death penalty?

2. What do you of men and women who beat up their significant other? Do you think domestic violent is more accepted in some countries than others on the basis of religion? Which countries and/or religion do you think are worst?

3. Do you think ISIS (Islamic State In Syria) and other terrorist networks have become avenues that some governments use to carry out their grudge against others without publicly going to war?

4. Do you think the United States has the right to tell countries, like North Korea and Syria, that they cannot develop nuclear weapons? Why or why not?

5. Do you think the recently enacted LGBT laws in our country are giving preferential legal protection to certain groups on the basis of sexual orientation?

6. Scientifically, how many sexes do human beings have, and culturally, how many genders could we have, and do you think it is appropriate to have so many different genders when science clearly defines human sex?

7. Do you think gender or sexual orientation is a social construct or innate to human beings?

8. Which country do you think spends the most money developing military weapons, and do you think that country terrorizes other countries?

9. How do you think America gained world global prominence as the military might?

10. Do you think America could continue policing the world?

Terrorist Regime

Countries Where Homosexuality Warrants Death Penalty

Nuclear Bomb

Domestic violence – against women

Domestic violence – against men