Personal statement revisions

Jane Joe, MBA

Personal Statement

I thought out my life I have always been determined to achieve my goals. As early as the age of 6, I would keep a list of goals I wanted to accomplish as specifics ages. I was always told “the sky is the limit” but I wanted to test that theory. As I got older, the more I accomplish, the more people made me feel as though that was enough. After I finished UMUC with a double bachelor’s degree in HR & Business, everyone told me there was no need to get my MBA. I started to let those thoughts affected me. Then I remember “the sky is the limit”. The following semester I enrolled and did not look back. To be honest, I remembered thinking “I am not good enough or smart enough to continue. I believed I was just wasting my time. Class after classes, I received A’s and Bs’s I began to think differently. I am the first one in my family to receive my bachelor’s and now I am receiving my MBA. The day I crossed the stage and officially recced my MBA degree, was the happiest today of the life. As a mother to a 3-year-old girl, I want to teach her she be anything she wants to be. I want to be more than a mother who speaks words, I want to be a mother who leads by example.

Never in a million years did I think I would ever apply for my doctoral degree. I guess this the adult me telling the child me ”the sky is the limit”. I have so much to knowledge and experience to contribute to continued education. I am a US Army veteran who has sever 4 years on Active duty. While I was in the military I was got deployed to Afghanistan for 9 months, which was the most humbling experience. In the Army, my job was a Human Resources specialist, which taught me more about the business world and how this is the field for me. I have received many degrees, awards, and recognitions. I have served my country proudly, and I want to continue to serve my community. My ultimate goal is to become a professor and teach business to college students. I want to help students reach their full potential and teach them that “the sky is the limit”. I know this program will be challenging, trying, and difficult, but I am confident my determination and perseverance will lead to my success.