Persuasive Essay

ENGWR300 – Instructor: Feindert

Persuasive Essay

Post the outline by Monday, 7/23

Peer reviews of the outline due Friday, 7/27 [15 pts.]

Post the first draft to the discussion board by Monday, 7/30

Peer reviews of the first drafts due Wednesday, 8/1 [20 pts.]

Upload the final version by Friday, 8/3 [100 pts.]

This essay must be completed and handed in if you want a chance at passing this class.

This persuasive essay builds on the previous research paper. Choose the same topic as you chose for the research paper, but now turn it into a persuasive essay where you have a clear stance and are trying to convince readers to adopt your opinion and/or take action (as fitting for the topic). The sources and key reasons and key data and quotes may be reused from the research paper, but do not copy whole sentences that you wrote in the research paper into this persuasive essay. I do not want to read more or less the same essay again.

Make sure you have a new and exciting hook. The thesis needs to be new since this is a persuasive paper. Have clear topic sentences that name the reasons. Include at least one opposing opinion (why opponents of your opinion do not agree with your thesis) and a rebuttal; remember that an opposing opinion and rebuttal always come together as a pair and are right next to each other. Make sure you read the lectures about arguments and opposing opinions. If you think that your topic needs more than one opposing opinion with rebuttal, then include more.

Write a minimum of 1,350 words (the Works Cited page counts as long as it does not include any unnecessary sources/words).

I recommend you review the sample outline and the sample essays that are posted online in the modules.

If you are not sure how to turn your neutral/objective pro-con research paper into a persuasive essay, choose the appropriate question/instructions for your topic from below and turn the answer to the question(s) into the thesis or follow the instructions:

1. Should some books be banned? OR Choose a specific book from the list of commonly challenged books and argue whether this specific book should be banned for a specific audience.

2. What type of job(s) has dehumanizing effects and what can we do about this?

3. Show the variety of interpretations of Kafka’s Metamorphosis that is possible based on different culture’s attitude towards bugs and argue which culture’s view would have the most difficulty understanding/accepting the behavior of Gregor’s family.

4. Is studying abroad for a semester or a year a good idea that mostly benefits most students?

5. Argue for or against taking a gap year off before college.

6. Should employers be using information gathered from social media to make decisions about potential and/or current employees?

7. What celebrity is a positive (or negative) role model even though most would not agree with you?

8. Argue for or against a violent or morally questionable activity in society which we seem to accept without questions (such as boxing matches, beauty pageants, etc.).

9. Should there be a minimum- age requirement for professional athletes? Does it matter what sport it is?

10. Should student athletes be paid? If yes, which sports and how much?

11. Argue for or against cheerleading.

Remember that you will write for a general audience that is not convinced of your opinion. Use at least two of the sources from your research paper (and if needed new or more sources) and cite them correctly in 8th edition MLA format.

To establish yourself as a trustworthy author, make sure you present both sides of the issue and address weaknesses in the opposing opinion(s) = include opposing opinions/objections and rebuttals.

The final version of the essay is worth a total of 100 points. It will be graded based on the following criteria:

· Message is clearly defined; clear thesis and all parts are unified – /20 points

· Adequate evidence (if necessary from outside sources) supports the writer’s views; balances strengths and weaknesses of logical, emotional, and ethical appeals – /20 points

· Anticipates reader objections and alternative points of view (rebuttals, concessions) – /20 points

· Effective organization, introduction, and conclusion; clear transitions – /10 points

· Grammar and style – /20 points

· MLA essay format and citation style – /10 points

Do not plagiarize (quote and cite when needed). Plagiarized essays may receive zero points. Make sure you talk to me if you have questions about plagiarism, citing, quoting, or the plagiarism report on D2L.

You will lose points if you do not write enough (I take off the percentage of words that you are under from the points you have received based on the rubric above). Remember that the reflective paragraph is NOT part of the essay’s final word count.

This essay must be completed and submitted if you want a chance at passing this class.