PFP 2.2 Balance Sheet

Excel Worksheet 2.2 Personal Financial Planner: Personal Balance Sheet
Directions: List the current values of your assets and your debts in the blue-shaded cells. The terminology on this sheet is explained in the textbook. The worksheet will automatically total the categories and calculate your net worth in the peach-shaded cells.
Assets Debts
Checking accounts Current bills:
Savings accounts 1
Money market accounts 2
U.S. savings bonds 3
Cash value of life insurance Total current bills $ – 0
Other short-term investments
Total liquid assets $ – 0 Credit card balances
Market value of automobile(s) 2
Home furnishings 3
Jewelry/art/collectibles Total credit card balances $ – 0
Clothing/personal assets
Total personal property $ – 0 Alimony/child support owed
Taxes owed (above withholding)
Market value of investments Automobile loans
Employer retirement plan(s) Personal loans
Individual retirement account(s) Total short term debts $ – 0
Other retirement savings
College savings plan Home mortgage
Other savings plans Home equity loans
Total investment assets $ – 0 Other real estate loans
Student loans
Market value of home Other investment loans
Market value of investment real estate Other liabilities/debts
Total real property $ – 0 Total long-term debts $ – 0
Total assets $ – 0 Total debts $ – 0
Net Worth = Total assets – Total debts = $ – 0