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Part (1) Inspiration (The meaning of life, success, honor in the modern world) The Sinner of Light

I dance in the garden of the devil

With God in my arms

And every so often

Distracted by the virtue

Of the devil

To nurture the beauty

Surrounding our gaiety figures

In the entirety that it holds

Beneath our feet the turf

Lurking overhead the sneaking ivy

The pinetum around

Is a wonder itself

But here I whirl

With ungodly modesty

To the tune of the devil

In utter fascination

At the light of the sinner

Through every cracked hole Part(2) Question: Describe the process you used to write the poem (e.g., how did you go about choosing the topic?).Answer: Choosing the topic in itself was no hard task. A recent reading inspired me to write this poem. It was a book by Dan Brown called ‘Angels and Demons’. As Brown often writes, this book is a continuation of the constant tussle between the evil and good. The book pushed me to further wonder about the co-existence of God and the Devil. After choosing the title, it was relatively easy to write the poem itself because the thoughts were already pouring in. The tougher part however was the organization of the poem in a rhythmic manner which took quite the time and effort. Question: Why did you choose to rhyme or not rhyme? Answer: I chose not to rhyme because the poem itself is rather free-spirited which gave me an inclination towards the feeling that rhyming would confine the general spirit of it. Rhyming the poem would mean an overall restriction of wording which is a contrasting idea to the merry swaying and peaceful derailment. The idea of rhyming did not seem suited to my preferred setting. Question: Did you find this easy or difficult to write? Explain your answer. Answer: As mentioned, I had the general idea brain-stormed and before I actually started writing, it felt like a piece of cake. But once I picked up the pen, I was left scratching my nose because the proper order of delivery was a task I found hard to tackle. Having read many such books on the very topic of Good Vs Evil, I was confident about the central idea and found it easy to work my way through it.