Prepare a speech of 8 to 10 minutes that is informative

Q1. Prepare a speech of 8 to 10 minutes that is informative in nature and incorporates all the elements of speech making as indicated in our textbook, class lectures and discussion and any other materials included in this course, up to this point in the semester.

[8-10 minutes] 40 marks


1. Topic must be Informative.

2. Must comply with the prescribed Grading Rubric.

3. Must be a minimum of 8 minutes long to not be penalized.

4. The speech must include some type of Visual Aid—PPT, objects, posters, pictures, etc. the Visual Aid must enhance your speech. The Visual Aid will NOT be graded unless it detracts from your speech which will result in lost points in that area of the Grading Criterion Rubric.

Time: ____ min ____ sec

Grading Criterion Points Possible/Total Points
AGD (Attention Getting Device/Hook) 1
Background clearly explained 1
Credibility Established—External / Internal 1
Central Idea/Thesis clear + Preview of Main Points 2
BODY /11
Organization-Appropriate to Topic & Purpose 1
Main Points-Clearly developed 3
Main Points-Supported adequately 3
Sources-Properly Cited / Variety / Appropriate number 2
Transitions-Obvious / Effective / Correctly placed 2
Restate Thesis/Review Main Points/Ideas 1
Remember point and bring Closure to the Central Idea 2
Extemporaneous/Enthusiastic (conversational quality) 3
Vocal Delivery-Volume/Rate/Pauses/Articulation 3
Nonverbal Delivery-Gestures/Movement/Appearance 3
Eye Contact-with entire audience 3
Specific LEARNING OUTCOMES (to be determined by the faculty) /5
General Purpose-clearly Informative 1
Visual Aid/s-clearly compliment & reinforce/used properly 2
Feedback-if any, is handled properly (if none-no points lost) -_________
My Audience Behavior-NO interruptions to speakers-listening! 2
Point Deduction for Time Limit Infraction=Less than 8 minutes=-1per minute
Total of the above sections /36
Preparation Outline 2
Sources-printed and annotated / Notecards-neat & clear 1
2-LB Peer Analysis of fellow speakers during speeches 1
Edugate Total (divide Grand Total by 4) Grand Total /40