prepare them for a meeting with members of a Jewish community.

For this assignment, your role will be as a trainer for Christian colleagues to prepare them for a meeting with members of a Jewish community. You will choose whether they are Orthodox, Conservative, or Reformed. Create a training brochure for your colleagues that can be used as a valuable tool to prepare and inform them for the meeting.

Your training brochure will be comprised of six panels that include the elements listed below. Be sure to include specific examples in points 1-5:

1. What are the primary beliefs of the Jewish community you have chosen?

2. What are some misunderstandings that Jews have about Christians?

3. What are some misunderstandings Christians have about Jews?

4. How can a study of Judaism help to overcome those misunderstandings?

5. Reflect on several ways in which the contemporary nation state of Israel may be viewed by various Christian communities. Be sure to use relevant resources to support your claims.

6. List the resources used.

Utilize the course textbook and a minimum of three academic resources, one of which can be your interview and should include topic materials and external resources. Be sure to list these resources on the last page of the brochure.

More Info About the assignment: Our paper in this module needs to be focused on Christian Jewish relations. Please note that the paper needs to have five major sections: 1) Identify the primary (or central/core) beliefs of the Jewish community you have chosen and/or the individual you interviewed and briefly summarize them. 2) Identify Jewish misunderstandings about Christians (please note that a difference is not the same as a misunderstanding: a difference involves two parties believing different things, a misunderstanding involves one party believing something about the second party that is not true of the second party). 3) Identify Christian misunderstandings about Jews (see note above) 4) Discuss how studying Judaism can help to resolve these misunderstandings. You should connect this with the two previous sections by showing how studying Judaism can actually resolve the misunderstandings that you raised. Note that if studying Judaism (or Jew studying Christianity) can’t clearly resolve the misunderstanding, then you probably have a difference, not a misunderstanding. 5) Discuss how different Christian groups might see the state of Israel. You should include more than one group in this section and make sure that you are talking about how these groups actually view Israel rather than speculating about how possible Christian groups might view Israel. Remember that you need to use at least three sources as well as the textbook. You want to keep a good balance between your major topics. You want to give each topic enough room to be discussed thoroughly. Also, here is a link to a good database of books and articles about Judaism: And here is one for Zoroastrianism: