each of you will prepare a short presentation (5-10 Minutes) on a current business event. Specifically, I want you to identify a current topic that discusses a business in a specific industry that is being successful or unsuccessful as a result of one or more of the six (6) elements we reviewed in Porter’s Six Forces Analysis. Identify the forces impacting the organization and develop a clear and measurable recommendation for improvement

the six forces are (Competition, New Entrants, End-user/Buyers, Suppliers, Substitutes, Complimentary products)

you must use 3 resources that are nor older than 6 months.

For Example: In this example the company would be Uber and at least on of Porter’s Six Forces impacting the business is “Competition”

Business Insider (August 7, 2018). Indian cab-hailing giant Ola will launch in the UK to challenge Uber — and they both share a big investor via


1. Identify a topic and at least three (3) relevant sources on the selected topic (review example above).

2. Address the following items in your presentation:

· Introduce Yourself and Topic (Introduction Slide)

· Outline the specifics of your topic and how it specifically relates to one (1) or more of the six (6) elements we reviewed in Porter’s Six Forces Analysis (1 – 6 slides as needed)

· Present at least one (1) clear and measurable recommendation for improvement of your select organization (i.e. what could the organization do strategically to improve and how would you measure success? Sales? New Product Development? New Territories? – The recommendation should be in the context of the topic you have researched)

3. The presentation is being prepared for individuals who are interested in learning about the issue and your recommendation. Be sure to check for spelling and grammar errors.

4. Review the “Generic Presentation Template” to help you design your presentation. This is just a guide and it is expected that you create an original presentation that follows the guidelines outlined in the resources below on effective communication.

5. Review the  “SB Effective Business Communication and Presentation Tips SP2018”  PowerPoint to ensure you have designed an effective and consistent presentation.