Process Analysis

For our next essay this term, I want you to write a directive process analysis essay describing how to do something related to education. You may choose from the topics in the box below, or you can choose something even better. Your essay must be at least five paragraphs in MLA format, contain a claim that is supported with evidence and include at least three definitions (if you are using something specific to a major, make sure that you are defining these terms). Your definitions should be embedded into your text, and/or noted in an appendix.

Possible Topics:

How to choose a major

How to enroll in a college

How to apply to a four-year university

How to become a double-major

To make your process easier, follow these steps:

1. Choose a topic. Write your topic here: ________________________________________

2. Brainstorm the materials, terms you might need to explain to your reader, and steps.

3. Write your essay in steps that are in chronological order.

4. Write a conclusion that tells your reader how they know that they’ve been successful.

What will I be looking for when I grade your essay?

· Is your essay in MLA format?

· Do you have an acceptable claim?

· Are your steps in chronological order?

· Did you identify terms or any other necessary lingo?

· Did you offer your reader a way to know that they were successful?

· Do you have an egregious amount of grammatical errors?

· Does you writing show clarity?

· Do you offer your reader an adequate amount of evidence that supports your claim?

· Is your paper logical?