Project: Final Project Milestone

Eva Youman

Walden University

Project: Final Project Milestone

There’s a problem in many schools, bullying. Despite organiszations websites and school officials something more drastic has to be done to curb bullying. The problem I am disgusing are the ages of 12-18 school age children. Bullying is “about 28 percent of students 12-18 have reported being bullied during the school year.”(American Society for the Positive Care if Children, 2018). Bullying can cause many negative impacts such as mental , physical health it can also lead to suicide, low self esteem and even deptression. A Possible cause is many “such as a bullier being bullied by someone else i.e. family members, jealousy- perhaps the bullied life style appears to be better than the bullier”(American Society for the Positive Care if Children, 2018) there are many factors that can lead to one being bullied or a person wanting to bully an innocent person.

A study which investigates thoroughly the stages of bullying , whats being done after the first initial incident using quantitative and qualitiative data methods which would gather moer pertinent information and less assumpotions of what works. This could remedy the situation to some extent and perhaps eventually stop it, this along with other methods I perviosuly listed without violating anyone rights. There was one finding that had similar ideas as mysef which as proven to work.

Austrilian schools study antibullying strategies:

Due to the rise in bullying nationwide the Austrilian government school decided to conduct a study that would provide different strategies that worked to curb bullying in their schools.

I choose this school because some of their methods that are working actually are the same

as some of my ideas. They’ve proven that their methods reduced bullying. Their way of

handling cases were the same ideas as myself. They used Direct Mediation: involved

harsher penalties, punishment, consequences, Restorative practices which allows both parties

to meet for the offender to deal some remorse and support group method which a meeting is set

Project: Final Project Milestone

up separately between the offender and then defender, then a final meeting with the offender and other peers to speak on the defender half to let the offender feel the pain of the victim without the victim present.” (Rigby, 2017).

When you look at my ideas/methods on a better way to curb bullying, it’s similar to the tatctisc used by the Australian government school.

District mediation by grouping kids within the same age group together to work out their past issues- only after initial notification of bullying

Jail time if all the above has not ceased them a more severe approach should be taken by placing the bulkier in juvenile.

In conclusion I feel that this is not just a problem that happening here in the United States and if the problem Australia has taken a hold of bullying and their method is working. I now feel something can and should be done differently to put a firm hold on bullying.”The school shooting in 1990’s school were retaliation from the shooter being bullied.” (Effects of Bullying). This is 2018 and the shooting are still occurring if this is not evidence enough to put an end to, what else needs to be shown to prove this.


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