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Walmart Project: Project Management Charter

Walmart Project: Project Management Charter

Being the manager of the project, I’m charged with the task of developing and the transformation of a regular general Walmart store into a Walmart Supercenter, I will develop and build a project charter for the process.

Project Description Problem

The proposed project will be a large project that will transform the current Walmart Store into a Walmart Supercenter. We have noticed with great concern that the company needs to expand in terms of merchandise. This can only be accomplished when the company has enough storage square footage for merchandise. We therefore need to build a Walmart Supercenter that will enable the company to attract a pool of customers hence increasing the profit margin and revenues. The new Walmart Supercenter will involve expansion of the current store from a 105,000 square foot building into a 155,000 square foot building. The project is estimate to run for a period of one year and the total cost is budgeted at $7,527,305.

Result Statement

After successful completion of the project the company will immensely benefit in terms of increase storage and versatility of available merchandise. With the increase of space, the company will be able to stock and offer diverse products, therefore attracting more customers. Thus, leading to a substantial increase in revenue and profit margin. The image of the company will also be boosted resulting to a competitive advantage against the competitors.

Project Mission Justification

The mission of the project will be to build a modern Walmart Supercenter with the ability to store large amounts of merchandise with ability to diversify merchandise sales by use of the company’s revenue, which will be completed in the stipulated time frame (Kerzner, 2017). The new store is supposed to solve the current storage problem and must conform to the current standards of supercenter stores. The cost of the renovation is expected not to deplete the company’s revenue. It should use a reasonable amount of revenue that will not paralyze the company’s operations. Eventually, the project should be completed in the stipulated time to avoid any additional financial and other resource constraints.

Project Scope Statement

The main goal of project will be to build a Walmart Supercenter store that will have enough space to store and sale a large number of diverse merchandise. The project objective is to implement the transformation of a general Walmart store into Walmart Supercenter in the time given and use the revenue allocated by the finance department. The project will be estimated to undergo three major phases. The first phase which is projected to run for a period of three months is the ground excavation and foundation building. The project team will hire the earth movers to facilitate the ground excavation for the site where the project will be built. The companies engineer will be given the task of getting the best company to oversee the process.

The foundation building will be planned for and the team’s mechanical engineer will be mandated to ensure a firm foundation is built. The cost of excavation and building the foundation is estimated to cost about $1,000,000. The second phase of the project is to expand the square footage to 50,000 square feet and it is estimated to take for 4 months. The materials that will be required such as building cement, sand, ballast, building blocks among others will be purchased by the procurement director. The states finest civil mechanical and water engineers will undertake this process (Nicholas & Steyn, 2017), this will cost the company $4,027,000 inclusive of labor and material costs. Final phase of the project will be the roofing, interior design and painting, lasting for a period of two months costing the company $2,500,305 or more dollars.

The entire stake holders in the project team will be given various tasks to ensure the success of the project. The project manager will ensure that all phases of the project run smoothly by appropriating all the resources required for the project. The finance officer will ensure accountability of the project funds. Project procurement officer will be mandated with purchasing of all the materials. In the team we will also have a risk manager who will assist in forecasting of potential hazards that may affect successful completion of the project.

Major Deliverables

The major deliverable of this project will be Site investigation report, Design documents, Engineering report, Proposal, Technical interpretation, Design drawings, Design review Tender document for material suppliers, new equipment or tools, Strategic report, Progress, Usability report. All these deliverables will be very crucial for the expansion of the store.

High-level Milestones for Significant Events

Some of high level milestones in this project will be completion of ground excavation to ensure the foundation is initiated. Another milestone will be the issue of certificate to undertake the project from the federal construction authority and city council. The final milestone of the project will be completion of the super center store and start of operations.

Applicable Technical Requirements

The major technical requirements for the project is to ensure that the building of the store will be successful which will include the availability of the required building materials, availability of certified architectures and engineers, compliance with the building authorities and city councils and the availability of skilled labor at the construction site.

Project Constraints

The transformation of a Walmart Store into a super center store will be faced with constraints such limited number of qualified personnel, accreditation costs. The project might be completed later than the stipulated time causing extra financial costs. Weather and technological dynamics might also affect the completion of the project. Finally, the dollar changes might affect the budgeted cost of the project negatively.


Kerzner, H. (2017). Project management metrics, KPIs, and dashboards: a guide to measuring and monitoring project performance. John Wiley & Sons.

Nicholas, J. M., & Steyn, H. (2017). Project management for engineering, business and technology. Taylor & Francis.

Content Met

Partially Met Not Met

A project charter is developed. X A project charter is provided.
Narrative project description is included. X It looks like the narrative project description has been mixed with the problem statement. These should be two separate sections.
Problem and result statement included. X See above.
Mission justification is included. X
Project scope statement is provided. X The scope is clearly articulated.
Major deliverables are added. X
High-level milestones are included for significant events. X I would like to see specific dates assigned to milestones. Also, milestones should be presented in a list or table format.
Applicable technical requirements, assumptions, or constraints are provided. X
The paper is 700- to 1,050 words in length. X
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Writing Guidelines Met

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The paper—including tables and graphs, headings, title page, and reference page—is consistent with APA formatting guidelines and meets course-level requirements. X
Intellectual property is recognized with in-text citations and a reference page. X
Paragraph and sentence transitions are present, logical, and maintain the flow throughout the paper. X
Sentences are complete, clear, and concise. X
Rules of grammar and usage are followed including spelling and punctuation. X
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Assignment Total # 8 7.1
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This should be a good project to use for this course. Use headings that correspond with grading rubric elements to better organize your work. See my comments above.