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Objective of the project.

The project will involve the design, manufacture and distribution of backpacks. This is the product that is to be delivered to the military groups of the United States. The backpacks are of high quality for the targeted group. They have an inbuilt refrigerate on enable them have fresh food even when they are in very remote places. Also have an inbuilt radio module to help in communication. The product will have one and half year of development. There will be three phases of batch released. The first phase will include the designing and development of the products. The first batch will have 100 backpacks and the rest will next 100 backpacks will be released in two phases at an interval of three months each.

The radio module will include an inbuilt transceiver which is for sending and receiving signals even in remote areas Lee, Lee, Song, Lee, (2009, October). The inbuilt refrigerator will be in a specialized unit in the backpack that will enable it to be removable. This will be useful while packing the food and also can be sealed for carrying it. It will have a capacity of five liters of liquid foods and drinks. The project will not involve the training of the users and their funding.

Deliveries that will be made.

The project will have three major deliveries to make. The will lapse between the start date of September 1, 2015 and March 1, 2017. They should be delivered as: the first phase will have 100 backpacks and will be released after one year of starting the project and the second and third phase will have 50 backpacks each and will be released at an interval of three months each. The deliveries will be made on time.


These is the progress of the project. The first milestone payment from the customer was made on October 30, 2015. This was to enable the project manager to purchase materials and pay for other necessary services for the development of the backpacks. It was done in the first phase of the project. The second was done after the first delivery on January 30, 2017 and the third was done after project was completed on May 30, 2017. Both were done on the third phase of the project.

Technical requirements

The project will require both human and nonhuman resources (Mir and Pinnington 2014)The project’s budget is approximately $2,000,000. The 35%will be use to compensate the human power used in the project and others that were involved indirectly in the development. 45% will be used in procurement and raw materials to be used in the project. Also, in purchase of other materials that will be used in the project. The rest was used to cater for miscellaneous outcomes like product deliveries and the uncertainty that might occur. The company has 100 employees who have different fields of expertise.

Limitations and exclusions

The project will only include military delivery to the military groups not any other group. The idea cannot be used outside the intended mission.

Customers Reviews.

The military personnel are the only group that is meant review the project. They happen to be the only group involved in the whole project.


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