Project Travolta


The project scope:

Conducting a valuation study in order to provide an internal indicative value range:

1)      Perform a full valuation using the DCF methodology

2)      Determine future capital  injection needs, and assess the various funding options

3)      Run a valuation and return sensitivity analysis on identified key value drivers


Tuleen’s responsibilities:


1)      Conduct secondary market research on the automotive industry and present the results on PowerPoint slides as part of validating client assumptions with the market;

2)      Review client assumptions and compare them to the assumptions in the financial model to ensure accuracy;

3)      Utilize excel and PowerPoint to present several scenarios showing different valuations of the company depending on the assumptions used.


Project Catalyst


The project scope:

Transaction Preparation – Identify potential buyer(s) or investor(s) (“Potential Buyer(s)”)

1)      Identify potential buyer(s) or investor(s) (“Potential Buyer(s)”)

2)      Share a teaser summarizing the Transaction with an approved list of Potential Buyers.

3)      Following the Client’s approval, distribution of the Information Pack to prospective investors (utilizing the extensive clientele network in Saudi Arabia to identify a list of prospective investors)

4)      Assist the Client in the sale process by preparing and delivering presentations to the existing shareholders and prospective investors (“Potential Buyer(s)”)

5)      Assist in coordinating the flow of information between all the parties (including advisors)

6)      Approach and introduce a list of legal advisors to the Client, review different proposals and provide recommendation

7)      Structure the deal and recommend the appropriate mechanism for execution


Tuleen’s responsibilities:


1)      Use excel to enter client historical financial data including (Income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow)

2)      Perform historical financial analysis on client financial statements. Analysis includes vertical, horizontal, ratio analysis and CAGR.

3)      Enter assumptions into financial model built by the engagement team to come up with the DCF and market valuation ranges

4)      Conduct secondary market research to locate players within casual-fine segment of the food service industry that would be interested potentially acquiring 100% of our client’s stake

5)      Prepare the list of potential investors and present it to the engagement team;

6)      Share the teaser and information memorandum with the approved potential investors;


You did some of the mentioned tasks above. You will help me do the rest when I come back!


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