Qualitative data analysis:

What can we do?

Qualitative data analysis:

What to prepare?

Keep in mind: Data analysis is data reduction!!!

Use appropriate tools: transcripts for oral conversations, notebooks/cards for analysis thoughts, etc

Transcript printout should have margins for notes (two sets of the originals)

Notebooks/cards should have the flexibility of re-organizations

Always have a pen/pencil ready (a writing tool and writing surface)

Then what?

Read your data: jot down notes

Develop codes: codes are the labels that you use to reduce the data, using abbreviations would help or color coded

Further summarize through general codes

Codes could be descriptive but not too descriptive!

Continuing the hard work

Reduce the codes to themes, patterns that speak something meaningful to you according to your theories and research questions

Saturation: when no new evidence in data shows up for new themes

Organizing and visually viewing the themes, using graphs, charts to represent the relations of the components

The cyclical procedure

It takes multiple readings of the data

It takes multiple coding efforts

Use your note-jotting skills profusely!!!

Use theories as the contexts in which to interpret your results