Question – Why are teamwork skills listed as important when it comes to communicating across cultures in today’s workplace?

Think about your own team experiences (academic and/or workplace) in terms of: writing/individual and team, communicating across cultures, managing language differences, avoiding inappropriate stereotypes, delivering presentations, handling difficult conversations and other principals of team communication.

Draft a two-page persuasive message in expanded letter format. Include in the body one in-text citation (APA format) from one of the journal articles reviewed within your declared major. *Use only “one” in-text citation in the body. Do Not use the course textbook as a citation /secondary source/reference.

Limit use of the I-voice and focus on the impersonal voice. Answer the following question.

Provide specific reasons to support your key points. Examples include but are NOT limited to: explain barriers to effective (online) team communication and teamwork with strategies to improve (online) team communication and teamwork, OR what does it mean to embrace team diversity (talent, cultures, etc.) in the context of communicating when conducting global business, OR explain the impacts of emotional hijacking in terms of communicating during a team project and/or communicating across cultures.

Format the report – Two Pages ONLY – Margins – use one-inch for all pages – top/bottom and side margins.

Spacing – Double space the body of the report (all pages) – Single-space some elements, such as the address and citation in the reference section. Place the citation at the end of page two, in APA format.