Questionnaire on employee satisfaction on management strategies of the organization

Section 1- Information of the respondent

1. Designation:

2. Sex: Male Female LGBT

3. How long have your worked in this company

a. Less than 2 years

b. 2-5 years

c. 6-10 years

d. 10-15 years

e. More than 15 years

4. Which of the following departments do you work

a. Human Resources

b. Public Relations

c. IT

d. Security

e. Sales and Marketing

f. Manufacturing

Section 2: Satisfaction in the current management system

1. Is it clear on who is your supervisor? Yes No

2. On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate your supervisor

1 2 3 4 5

3. Do you feel that your contributions are appreciated by your supervisor?

a. No, the supervisor regards them as his/her

b. Sometimes, when the manager is in a good mood

c. Yes, the manager notices and appreciates my efforts

4. On a weekly basis, how do you feel about your work?

a. The work is overwhelming and unbearable

b. The work help me grow professionally

c. I am underpaid for my work

d. I am overpaid for my work

5. Through which means should the company assess your performance

a. Checklists

b. Observation

c. Others, please specify

6. To issue awards and perform appraisal on performance, the company should implement

a. Ranking method

b. Self-appraisal

c. Balance score card

d. Written essay methods

e. Others, please specify

7. Who should set your performance requirements?

a. The HR

b. My supervisor

c. Senior manager

d. Head of the department

e. Others, please specify

Consent Form

My name is Zhipeng jiang, and I am a student at CSUSB, I am inviting your to participate in an academic research study. Involvement in this study is voluntary, so you may choose to participate or not. A description of this study follows: employee’s satisfaction on their current work environments and what the managers should do improve the situation. I am interested in learning more about employee satisfaction. My learning objectives are related to my formal education pursuits. This information will be used in a business proposal for my upper-division writing class, “Management 306; Expository Writing for Administration” during the Summer 2018.

You are asked to answer the following questions. This should take a maximum of five minutes. There are no risks involved while participating in this study.

If no longer wish to continue, you have the right to withdraw from the study, without penalty, at any time. All the information for this study will be confidential.

I have been assured that the information I provide in this study will be destroyed after the researcher consolidates the data. There will be no permanent record of my participation in this study.

I Zhipeng jiang am a willing participant in this study.

Signature of the participant: Zhipeng jiang

Date: 8/18/2018

Print name of the participant: Zhipeng jiang

Signature of researcher: Zhipeng jiang

Date: 8/18/2018

Print name of researcher: Zhipeng jiang