Reflection Essay Instructions


Reflection Essay Instructions

Case Study 02


· Due Date: In the Drop Box by 11:59PM 20 September.

· Read Case 02 “Airbnb”. You will find the Case in Part 2 of your Text Book. The case is also posted in your Homework Section.

· I want you to write a reflection essay regarding the case (minimum 400 words).

· I recommend that you read the Case three times. The first time through just read the Case – don’t highlight or take notes. The second time through start taking a few notes. The third time through try to identify the key concepts the author(s) are trying to emphasize.

· Do not tell me what the Case says. I have read it many times. I want to know what you think about what the Case says. Please tell me in your own words using complete sentences:

· Was the read worthwhile – why?

· Would you share it at work – why?

· Would you recommend it to your co-workers and team leaders? Why?

· What concepts are key to the Case (list them).

· How would you apply these concepts in the real business world?

· What was your most important takeaway after reading the Case?

· What was unclear or still “muddy” after reading the Case?

· Tell me about at least one Mystic Monk Concept that you would consider making a part of who you are as you develop your strategic management skills.