Report on MedRec Case Study


Report on MedRec Case Study

The report on case study came about due to the long-standing problem on the compliance that has traditionally constrained various developments of structural design variations in the field of Electronic Health Records. This particular problem brought up the need for data science and personalization for patients since this will help in adequately dealing with healthcare details besides restoring agencies of the medical data.

Purpose Statement

The case study proposed a kind of solution that seeks to come up with a proper outline of finishing the above-stipulated problem in the health sector. MedRec is a kind of decentralized system that has the capability of managing and handling Electronic Health Care Records. The system gives the patients an immutable log and consequently easy access to medical information relating to their status or rather conditions. The report also seeks to analyze the exposure in the preparation of field tests besides analyzing the prototype through which we can discuss and analyze the various approaches to the data record problem. The report also examines the potential of block chains in research and IT in healthcare.


The system comes along with different interests and advantages to both the health care system and the patients plus the entire health care fraternity like the administrators. It has a technique of leveraging the special blockchain characters; it also has the capability of managing the user authentications. The system makes security issue more appropriate by enhancing confidentiality and accountability. It also provides the users with the ability to share data, and this is very important when dealing with sensitive information.

MedRec also comes along with a modular design upon which storage solutions do integration to the local providers, and this facilitates the interoperability making the system more convenient and adaptable. The medical stakeholders are highly incentivized to contribute to the network blockchain also known as miners. The latter enables the stakeholders to have access to the anonymized data in place of sustaining and tightly securing the network through Proof of Work. The system can, therefore, can be said to have facilitated the emergence of data economics that supply big data empowering researchers besides engaging patients in a choice of realizing metadata.


The MedRec system has a range of capabilities as outlined in the benefits to add on, and the system can solve the medical record management even though just as a foray to demonstrate the innovative EHR resolutions to blockchain technology. The system is also capable of supporting smart contracts a feature that allows one to automate and keep track of some state transitions.


The MedRec system has achieved several things for those who have established and used the system, and some of the accomplishments include; its use as the breadcrumb trail for the participants in the system and are trying to locate their medical record history. It has also been able to hold the patient’s records for both the past patients and the current patients in the healthcare including their previous engagements with different nodes in the system.