Research Paper

Surname 1

Elizabeth Knox

HIT 120

August 17, 2018

Course Project Summary

Southside Hospital

Southside Hospital is situated at the East Main Street, Bay shore New York City. The hospital offers various services which include women’s health, orthopedics, neuroscience, and cardiology. Since the hospital performed their first-ever heart surgery in the year 2011, more people have ever since had surgeries that have ended saving their lives in this hospital, Southside hospital. After the inception and provision of cardiac surgery services in this hospital, Southside Hospital, the hospital has been able to perform very many other innovative procedures which also includes expansion in its operations to bring in world-class doctors in this department.

When it comes to orthopaedic services, Southside Hospital offers a variety of services for its clients which range from trauma and bone fractures, hand and wrist, foot and ankle as well as joints replacement and sports medicine among others. The specialists of Southside Hospital have been tasked with the responsibilities of offering services which are exceptionally good, which as a result has made the hospital be more recognised across the region. On the same note, the hospital introduced a spine centre which is inclusive of pain management, rehabilitation, neuroscience institute and the Northwell Health Orthopaedic institute.

For women’s health, the hospital has installed 4D ultrasounds that can be used to measure and know how well a baby is doing before delivery. It assists doctors in seeing the inside of the mother’s body and thereby getting to know the infant child. At the same time, the hospital has put in place various machines such as an amniocentesis machine which is used in getting fluid samples of amniotic fluid that in turn is used to reveal the condition of the unborn baby and checking any presence of genetic disorders. All these and other testing machines to ensure that a mothers baby is healthy before birth have been installed in Southside Hospital and thereby extending the hospitals record as a regional hospital that is ready to serve its patients well.

In the process, due to its outstanding services in treatment, training, and education, Southside Hospital has received multiple awards. The notable ones being American College of Surgeons verified Trauma Centre award, the National Association of Epilepsy Level three award, the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval for Total Hip and Knee Replacement as well as surgical review corporation center of excellence in robotic surgery among others. All these awards are part of an appreciation and excellent job the hospital is doing in its service delivery to patients.