Research Proposal: Impact of Social Media


Research Proposal: Impact of Social Media

Quiana Latham

Argosy University

September 13, 2018

Research Proposal: Impact of Social Media

This paper will be focusing on the impact of the media on the youth through the content they produce especially through social media that are specifically designed to be consumed by the young generation. Comment by Barclay, Tammy: Where is the thesis? This assignment is NOT writing a paper but creating an outline. It is a plan for developing the actual research paper. You should have 5 headings: thesis, explanation, subpoints, objections, reply to objections.If this is the thesis, it is too wordy and does not take a stance. Remember, the goal is to take a stance on a topic you are going to work to prove.

The age bracket for this involves teenagers from the age of 15 to young adults who are not more than 23 years old. Some of the factors that the paper will entail is things such as what limits should there be in the contents provided for people who fall under this age bracket, is the content too explicit or is it okay if the youth is exposed to such materials and information at younger ages on social medial sites? Does the content consumed by the youth affect their personal growth and perception of things in terms of physical and emotional growth? Where should the media draw the line between what they produce for young adults and the youth who still cannot make decisions for themselves? The above questions give an overview of how the media sometimes produce content that may intentionally or unintentionally be harmful to the youth all in the name of performing their role of informing, educating and entertaining. Comment by Barclay, Tammy: Careful with run-on sentences. Comment by Barclay, Tammy: You should be explaining what you expect to cover in the research paper. In this section, there should not be questions.

SUBPOINTS: The key objectives that this paper will focus on will be determining whether social media is really doing its job in terms of sourcing content that is healthy for public consumption or does it just produce content for the sake of it without really putting into considerations to what extent it affects the youth. I will also find out whether the youths find the content appealing to them or do they fund some of the things being too much for them. This way I will be able to determine whether content has negative impacts on them in terms of their behavioural patterns that they may have developed as a result of the content they consumed from social media. I will also find out what criteria social media sites like Instagram and Facebook follow or rather use when deciding what to publish and what to leave out. I will delve into knowing whether the media have some stipulated guidelines that they follow up to per when producing content. Comment by Barclay, Tammy: Use the required headings assigned in the directions. It will help you stay on task as to what the assignment requires. Comment by Barclay, Tammy: Run-on sentence.

However, the paper might face objections from people who do not agree with the analysis. This might involve arguments such as the youth need to be wary of occurrences in the society at an earlier age as compared to decades ago. This could be as a result of the kind of upbringing they receive and are more exposed to the world as there are is improved technology for the internet. Therefore, as much as social media might not publish explicit contents the youth will still access such information on their own using their own means.

To counter the objections, I would emphasise on production of content that is healthy for the youth and deemed as morally okay. Social media should not deviate from their roles but at the same time should not stoop so low as to produce content basing on the fact of producing what people want. At the same time as much as the youth are more exposed to more content that they need, we still need to nature good behaviours besides creating awareness of issues surrounding them. We should strive to have a society that is not morally decayed and to achieve this, the media being a watchdog needs to play a significant role in ensuring that this is achievable. Comment by Barclay, Tammy: emphasize