Research Statistics – CRJU 3420


Albany State University

Research Statistics – CRJU 3420

Directions: Answer the questions in the order given below; write the questions numbers

for each answer. Mark your answers clearly. Show all the computations. Include the

formula and show all the steps.

1. Given below are the scores obtained by 5 students on a test. Compute the median, mode, mean, range, variance and standard deviation for the scores. Show all the



2 3 5 5 10

Mode = (1 point)

Median = (1 point)

Mean = (1 point)

Range = (1 point)


Standard deviation = (2 points)

Variance = (2 points)

2. Which measure of central tendency (mean, median or mode) is most appropriate for income data and why? Give a clear explanation for your decision. (1 point)

3. What are the major differences between standard deviation and variance? (1 point)

Note: Please type your answers, but make sure that your work is neat and legible. Show

all your steps for all the problems. Do not omit any questions. If any individual submits

the same write-up as another individual(s) in the class, all concerned persons will receive

no credits for the assignment. Absolutely no late work will be accepted in this class.

Total points =10