Respond in a Separate Paragraph to each of the following:

Essay will be at least 500 words. This is about 2 double-spaced pages

Introduction: Paragraph please

Respond in a Separate Paragraph to each of the following:

• In Chapter 2 of Dr. Chira’s book: she discusses the use of a traditional back or an online

bank. The author takes the position of using a traditional bank over an online bank. Do

you agree or disagree with this logic? (Please provide a few sentences supporting your


• After reading Chapter 2 of Dr. Chira’s book, what is your opinion on using Credit Cards?

Did you read anything that changed your mind from how you felt previously? (Please

explain in a few sentences)

• Go to and search for 2 credit cards that appeal to you. Please select and

compare two cards & write several sentences explaining why you made that decision

and what you liked about the card.

*Pull your credit score from one of the free credit report sites provided in Dr. Chira’s

book or use your current credit card or bank to obtain your score. Please responded

the each of the following questions in your paragraph.

• What did you think about you score? (My credit score is 750)

• Were there any surprises? (NO) (It was either higher or lower than you originally


• According to Dr. Chira’s book, one of the factors used to calculate your credit score

is “Credit Utilization”. Using your credit score calculate your utilization ratio. (Hint:

It’s found by adding up all the debt you currently have on all your credit cards and

dividing it by the total available limit.)

• If you wanted to increase your credit score what are a few ways you could do so?

Conclusion: Paragraph please