Resume Assignment

In a word document include the following:

Indicate trends in hiring in the industry you are majoring in. My major is marketing

List average income in 3 geographic areas for the career/ job you are looking to gain after college. Any areas in USA

Include at least 3 Job listings that you should apply for. Any job relates to Marketing majors

Generic Cover letter- approved by career services.

Any additional information you need to in order to be successful in gaining the job/career you are looking for.

My all information:

Name: abumutair

· Address

554 Miami St

Tiffin, Ohio 44883


Education Background:

· Tiffin University

· Major in Marketing

· 2019 Expected Graduation

Professional Experience:

· Salesperson for three years at Tamer pharmaceutical Company

· Salesman for four years at Ajmal perfume company

My dream job is: Sales Manager