“Ricado’s theory of comparative advantage: Old Idea, New Evidence”

Your essay paper will have 5 pages in length

Your essay paper, in particular, the articles review part must include citations of five scholarly peer-reviewed articles and the cited five articles must be fully listed (publication details in the APA style)

You should present the evidence of you having read five peer-reviewed articles for this specific assignment. Such evidence could be presented by citations in text and references.

Summarizing the five articles is an easy way to knock off several pages, but your professor knows that it requires much more mental effort to analyze and synthesize opposing viewpoints in order to well structure your thoughts/arguments.

Please do NOT make any recitations from the citations and references that had already been cited in the five articles. If it is necessary for you to use part of them, you must paraphrase or rewrite statements by your own words using citations in text.

STEP 1: Search and select FIVE peer-reviewed research articles

Each article must meet the following three conditions:

1) Top level: “peer-reviewed journals”

2) Resource type: “articles”

3) Publication date: “after 2007”


STEP 2: Read and synthesize the information from the articles


Students should review the articles and synthesize the information from the articles to support his/her novel essay.


STEP 3: Proofread the manuscript and make appropriate reference


At the last page, please make sure the five articles cited in text must be listed in reference/bibliography following the APA style guide. 

Find 5 peer review about “Ricado’s theory of comparative advantage: Old Idea, NewEvidence” and write

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