SCS 100 Theme 1: Comparison Template

Product Services Health and Beauty

Ad 1: Diadermin Anti-Wrinkle Cream Ad 2: Infusium 23 Hair Products Ad 3: Revlon Charlie Ad 4: Corega Denture Bond
1. Question(s) related to how individuals are represented in the ads Why is the candidates seeming to be just one guy but in different ages?

Why aren’t the candidates tall enough?

Why is there only two ladies and one guy in the advertisement?

Does the ladies, erode society culture?

What is the lady trying to portray in the advisement?

Why is it viewed in the culture as humorous?

Why are the candidate in the picture so old?

Is there a physiological


Why is there a spot on the man neck?

Why doesn’t the couple have shirts on?

2. Questions related to how groups and group behavior are represented in the ad How are we supposed to assume the candidates age in this picture? Are they young or old? Why does the group seem to be jealous of the dress code of the guy?

Why does the photo encourage us to consider the candidate as someone who is full of pride?

Why does the group in this ad try to show that they are in a seductive state?

What is the opinion of the passersby?

Is the term in this ad seem to be a erode of the culture?

How do religious orders

such as preachers establish

expectations for behavior?

Are the candidates displaying the culture of the society?

Are the advertisers aiming to a particular age group?

3. Questions related to how culture and cultural identity are represented (or not represented) in the ad Is the people in this ad supposed to be showing an example of how they aged? What are we supposed to

assume, as consumers, about thes individuals?

What assumptions are we

supposed to make about the

individual characteristics or

Appearance of the individuals?

How do different cultures

Across the globe view this?

Do some cultures find this ad to be inappropriate?

How do highly competitive

cultures view the ad when

compared to less competitive


4. How do the ads compare to each other? All the ads features product services and health beauties. The first add has a couple, looking handsome and beautiful respectively. Each of them wearing same is simple but good retouching. The second add is about a lady looking aside and a guy and another lady staring at her. Besides that, the visual stimuli is not well directed, it needs to be bold
5. What overall observations might a social scientist be interested in studying in relation to the themes present in these advertisements?

What larger questions about human interactions might they ask?

Social researchers would almost certainly be keen on the manner in which ladies are depicted in the advertisements, particularly the manner in which the promotions demonstrate ladies

Serving others or carrying on tentatively. Social researchers would be occupied with how the promotions expand on or leave from anticipated Parts and practices for ladies. In addition to that, their mode of dressing is also questionable .They portray a different form and their mode of dressing? They are eroding the culture of the society in Kenya.

Does the ads bring full meaning of the advisement?