You will be asked to present to the class a speech of self-disclosure (3-4 min.) using five items that describe who you are or represent aspects of yourself. The objects are to be representative. No pictures of items or people will be accepted. This assignment is designed to help you understand more fully some of the aspects of your self concept and requires that you search within yourself to discover who you are since people who self disclose are better communicators and understanding the world begins with understanding yourself.


1. You will be expected to use these 5 visual aids/props (10 pts)

2. Prepare and turn in a typed outline (5 pts)

3. Prepare and turn in a key word outline (5pts)

4. Deliver the 3-4 minute presentation extemporaneously (30pts).

5. Total Points = 50.

This should be a lot of fun learning about yourself and others!

Relax and have a good time with this speech…