Self concept speech

Self Concept Speech Sample Outline (This is fictitious = } )


I. Hi, my name is ____________. (State your name)

II. I am a first semester freshman here at North Lake College. Something you may not know about me is that I completed my pilot’s license when I was 16 and I have traveled to 12 countries including England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Thailand, Mexico, Canada, The Czech Republic, Austria, and the Bahamas. (Tell us something fun about yourself)

III. The five objects I will be presenting today to help you understand who I am are; a spoon, a model plane, a camera, a Band-Aid, and a rock. (Preview your five objects/main points)


I. First, my spoon. I see myself as a very nurturing person, someone who likes to make others feel happy and a spoon helps to feed people and give them what they need. I am also very creative and cooking allows me to explore that creative adventurous side of myself by making new dishes all the time. (Main Point 1)

II. Second, the model plane. Explain here as on the first point……(Main Point 2)

III. Third, my camera. Explain here as on the first point……(Main Point 3)

IV. Forth, the Band-Aid. Explain here as on the first point……(Main Point 4)

V. Lastly, this rock. Explain here as on the first point……(Main Point 5)


I. Now that you have seen my five objects, I hope you know a little more about me. I am a nurturing, adventurous, introspective, creative, strong person. (Recap 5 main points/objects/adjectives)

II. So next time you feel like an adventure text me and let’s find some fun place to travel and explore or at least have a cool international food party. (An interesting story or a fun catchy ending)