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Read the materials and prepare a written reflection about the assigned reading pertinent to the capstone project. I do not need any source.

Course Overview

Capstone projects in the Nonprofit Management Program afford a group of students the opportunity to undertake complex, real-world, client-based projects for nonprofit organizations, supervised by a Nonprofit Management Program faculty member.

Through the semester-long capstone project, students will experience the process of organizational assimilation and integration as they tackle a discrete management project of long or short-term benefit to the client organization. Larger theoretical and

organizational issues that affect nonprofit managers and their relationships with other stakeholders, both internal and external, also will be discussed within the context of this project-based course.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

L1. Identify and analyze key challenges and/or needs within an organization and formulate a discrete project outline

based on discussions with senior staff at the organization and review of relevant documents;

L2. Plan, organize, and recommend strategic and integrated solutions in a structured format;

L3. Execute project management and team communication in an intense time period with deliverables including a

written report with recommendations as well as a presentation of same;

L4. Navigate and manage client relations, including client communications and managing client expectations.