Short Term (1 – 3 years)

Tactic Objective Strategy
Organizational 2017-2019 1. Strengthen production sector of in pickup trucks and SUV. 50% each year over two years. 1. Establish a plant for production of pick- ups and SUVs. Because fuel prices are very low many of the consumers opt for pickups and SUV and therefore revenue will increase if the customer needs are satisfied.
Over 2 years Year one is for increasing production in pickups. 2. Increasing special events and community fundraising events.
Year two involves developing on the success of pickups in the previous years. 3. Gather investments from patents to ensure the projects is well supplied and the products are of good quality ensuring customers satisfaction.
Development of driverless cars To develop risk free autonomous cars during the first three years. 4. Competitors are developing autonomous and with the technological advancement autonomous are expected to create demand in the future market. In this project purchase of self- drive technological equipment will occur. The development of the self- driven cars will take place over two years and in the third year, test will be performed to ensure it is risk- free and safe.
2017- 2020 (Over 4 years) Develop the brand and acquire the market in that sector for the remaining. As the year approach this will be dependent on the outcome of developing the cars.

Grow emails constant contact database.

1. Increasing expenditure in promoting the vehicles through the media, videos, and marketing campaigns.

2. Create an impactful launch of the first autonomous vehicle and illustrating to the public how the automobile works and hence creating demand.

Marketing Mix Objective Strategy
Vehicles Resale 1. To increase revenue through purchasing used cars remodifying then releasing them back to the market as new cars. 1. 1. Encourage consumers who have used cars and would prefer to change their automobiles to trade with the company for there desired cars with there cars as well as paying an extra amount.

2. 2. The company should then improve the used cars by adding new features and repairing broken parts then releasing them back to the market at an even higher price. This will reduce the price of supplies and control waste.

Promotion 1. New customers providing better services such as banking and leasing that would encourage customer increase 1. Providing banking and leasing services to the customers hence encouraging loyalty.

2. Encourage customers to recommend the company by creating discount to services offered to those who bring in fiends.