Sociology of Globalization: Research Paper

Dialogue / Debate: The War on Drugs

In this assignment, you will write a dialogue exploring the ideas we’ve learned so far. You’ll come up with some characters (they can be anyone: police, a family, cartel leaders, politicians, extraterrestrials, you are free to decide) who will be in some situation in which they begin debating about the causes and effects of the War on Drugs.

It will look like a script, for example:

Frank, NYPD cop: Seems like no matter what we do, drugs just keep coming in…

Anne, Frank’s sociologist friend: I think there might be larger forces at work here… etc etc;

Through the dialogue, you must name and define all of the following terms in your own words . Not a quote, but your own summary of each definition. Highlight each term and definition. One point each.

– Causes of Global Hunger – Global inequality
- Imperialism
- Neo-imperialism

– Enclosures / Primitive accumulation – Capitalism
- Forced under-development
- British East India Company

– Economic Determinism
- Environmental Determinism – Agency
- Racial projects
- The War on Drugs
- Mass Incarceration

6 points – Must cite Paley, Eglitis, Derks, Christian Parenti, Michael Parenti, and McMichael/Patel each at least once at some point in your paper. Use footnotes or parenthetical citations. Highlight the citations.