Speech 101 MLA Formatting Quiz (Revised 2018) 2


On a separate Microsoft Word document, using proper MLA formatting rules (header, heading, and title); answer each of the ten (10) questions asked. Number your paper one to ten in the left margin. Write the correct answer as required by each question. Use Standard American English. Do not write the question and then write the answer. Incorporate the original question within your answer. Write in complete sentences.

Please read the questions carefully and remember that you must create your answers on a separate document. You must also upload the completed document to the appropriate assignment link.

The Questions:

1. Is Times New Roman-12-point font the appropriate font style and size to be used when creating a document that follows MLA formatting rules for Dr. Hall’s class? Write your answer.

2. How do you cite the OWL Purdue MLA formatting rules on your Works Cited page for this class? Write your answer.

3. What is the name of the page you create to document all of your resources used to write your essay/paper/report? Write your answer.

4. Is this the correct heading using proper MLA formatting rules (see below)? Write your answer.

Joy T. BeAlive

Speech 101-7220


Dr. K. L. Hall

5. Do the four (4) minimum sources/entries required on the Works Cited page include your textbook/chapter in the text; a lecture; Canvas site; the MLA formatting source you used; and at least two external sources: web, print, etc. Write your answer.

6. How do you prepare an in-text citation for print sources when you know who the author is? Write your answer.

7. What is the full URL address of the MLA formatting web resource approved for use in this class? Write your answer.

8. How do you prepare an entry on your Works Cited page for a lecture, oral presentation, etc.? Write your answer.

9. How do you create consecutive page numbers following MLA formatting rules? Write your answer.

10. How do you prepare an entry on your Work Cited page for an electronic source (image, sounding recording, and article) using the Purdue Owl resources? Write your answer.