Stevens District Hospital & Strategic Planning

Stevens District Hospital & Strategic Planning

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Stevens District Hospital & Strategic Planning


Strategic planning plays critical roles in the growth and success organizations, especially in the ever-increasing competitive business environment. Through the strategic planning process, an organization is able to set priorities, mobilize resources, strengthen organizational operations, ensuring team members and other key stakeholders are working toward attainment of common goals as well as creating mechanisms of monitoring progresses made. Effective strategic planning and management involve articulation of growth opportunities and ways of harnessing such opportunities. Stevens District Hospital is one of the largest healthcare facility which is not profit-motivated (Kaissi & Begun, 2008). The accreditation and reaccreditation of the healthcare facility have been mainly based on the effective quality management practices put in place by the top management. Therefore, the purpose of this analysis paper is to discuss the strategic analysis of the Stevens District Hospital as discussed below;

Strategic Planning

Generally, strategic planning is critical in providing organizations with a sense of direction and outlines measurable outcomes. Additionally, the day-t-day management and operational decisions are best made using strategic planning as a tool. In other words, an organization is forced to think through its strategic objectives while putting up quantifiable benchmarks for evaluating the outcomes (Kaissi & Begun, 2008).

There are several advantages and disadvantages of conducting SWOT analysis, especially the one involving an individual compared to a group of stakeholders-based analysis. Conducting SWOT analysis by an individual can be advantageous in term of convenience and time required to complete such projects. However, it may not provide greater insights regarding key elements of SWOT analysis. Conversely, carrying out SWOT analysis with a group of stakeholders can be critical in providing greater insight with regard to strengths, weaknesses, and threats as well as opportunities. This can be important in identifying possible of making necessary adjustments. However, this approach can be time-consuming due to consultations with the key stakeholders including taking into consideration their views and objections. Therefore, the approach used in conducting strategic analysis is critical in improving operation and management of Stevens District Hospital (Kaissi & Begun, 2008).

Purpose of Conducting SWOT Analysis

The need for conducting SWOT analysis for Stevens District Hospital. The healthcare facility has had tremendous improvements in the quality of healthcare services it provides to the clients. Despite these improvements, there is a need to harness the existing opportunities to facilitate further growth and business success. This is critical in mobilizing the existing human and financial resources in the achievement of fundamental growth. Additionally, the outcome of the assessment can be used in strengthening the operations of the facility as well as getting the team members and other stakeholders onboard in the attainment of organizational goals and objectives. These can be achieved through effective communication with stakeholders and employees of the healthcare facility. Therefore, performing the strategic analysis is one of the most important management tools (Perera & Peiró, 2012). The following is a summary of SWOT analysis of Stevens District Hospital.

Table 1: SWOT Analysis

Analysis of existing information from Stevens District Hospital strategic planning scenario Perceived strength (internal)
-Capacity for facility upgrade.

-Financial and human resources.

-The facility has developed capacity for facility upgrade to cope with competitors.

-The facility has the required financial and human resources required for the expansion.

Analysis of existing information from Stevens District Hospital strategic planning scenario Perceived weakness (internal)
-Aging Equipment

-Weak market image

-Lower Quality Scores

-Most of the equipment used by healthcare facility are outdated.

-The healthcare has not been able to establish strong positive market image

– Healthcare services provided by the health center are not of exceptional standards

Analysis of existing information from Stevens District Hospital strategic planning scenario Perceived opportunity (external)
-Technological advancement

-Large market share

-The healthcare facility can leverage the benefits of technology in providing medical services to their clients.

-The hospital is located in Jefferson City, which is a city of 50,000 with 80,000 in the regional market.

Analysis of existing information from Stevens District Hospital strategic planning scenario Perceived threat (external)
-Competition from other healthcare facility.

-Capital-intensive expansion.

-Stevens District Hospital faces stiff competition from other healthcare providers such as Hannover County Hospital

-The healthcare facility has no sufficient capital for expansion of its services due to lack of funding from government agencies.


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