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Revised: May 2018

Student’s Activity Journal Page 1 of 1

College of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering

Student’s Activity Journal

Student’s name: Aisha Al-Ali

AUS ID: 60366

Company Name: SEWA

Department: WPS

Training Period: From (MM/DD/YY) 07 / 22 / 2018 to (MM/DD/YY) 08/ 23 / 2018

Activity journal # 1

Reporting Period: From (MM/DD/YY) 07 / 22 / 2018 to (MM/DD/YY) 08/ 23 / 2018

Date (MM/DD format) Location Activity / Problem Comments / solutions

From 07/22 To 07/24 Wasit Power Station (WPS)

Orientation about the power station.

The power station has 13 Gas Turbines (GT). The total capacity of the station is 1200 MW.

From 07/25 To 07/26 WPS Brief introduction about the GT and its function.

Site visit to see the GT. Tested it if it’s synchronized with the grid.

From 07/29 To 07/29 WPS Introduction about the fire fighting system.

Site visit to run a fire drill & test the system. And how the jockey pump works.

From 07/30 To 07/30 WPS

Storehouse tour and an introduction on the process of approvals and how they purchase any item or material.

Had a look at their reports (Inspection& Receive report, Inter- office MEMO, Location quantities report).

From 07/31 To 08/02 WPS Introduction to circuit breakers & transformers.

Tour in every control room according to the voltage level of the feeder (220 kV, 33 kV & 6.6 kV) & each voltage level has a different technique when it comes to their circuit breakers.