Viktor Katona (2018)  stated that renewable energy has also negative impact in our environment side by side with fossil fuel. He said, we need to talk about the negative effect that comes from this kind energy production including wind power, solar power, hydropower, and geothermal power. According to the aurther, birds are being in the risk in field where are wind turbine placed. There are thousnds of bird are killed by these turbines. This not the only complement about wind power. It make a nouse pollution which my resulte in some health issues such as anxity and depprision. after that he talked about solar energy and he added facts that solar energy producer used varity of methods just to keep birds away from their field. The resons for that is the risk that birds may have when they come to such place. They Exposure to high tempruter that comes from reflictin of the solar cells. This could result climate change, soil impact, and the quantity of rain. Another source of renewable energy is hydropower. The kind of renewable energy has espcial affect in the under water life. It reduces the oxegn and kills fish. They may have fix some problem in that but there are some fish are still being killed by the tourbins. Finally, geothermal power which my concedr the best one of those when it comes to the invironment but it has some problem in the quantity of power it produces. It does not produce power as much as what we need. In conclsion renewable energy is a very important aspect of our energy production. However it is not a very clean energy. It also impact our invironment like what oil does but in deffrent way.