Table Top Exercise-Hurricane

File 709 Week 5 Assignment.pdf

In the Public Health Emergency Exercise Toolkit (attached), you learned how to design, conduct, and evaluate several different types of training exercises.  In this assignment, you will develop a Table Top Exercise relating to hurricanes.

A Table Top Exercise allows participants to discuss and consider possible challenges in reacting to a hazard through the use of scenarios.  Unlike the immediate decision making skills that are needed for real emergencies, this exercise focuses on the ‘What Ifs’ and looks for gaps in system planning. The focus is on constructive problem solving and improved planning and readiness to react to a real hazard, through discussion of a hypothetical hazard scenario.

The Public Health Emergency Exercise Toolkit provides you with a further explanation of how to construct a Table Top Exercise and offers the following examples and templates that may be useful in understanding and creating the components of this training exercise:

· Appendix E-2 of this Toolkit provides a Table Top Exercise checklist

· Appendix E-3 provides a Table Top Exercise template

· Appendix G-1 provides a scenario sample

· Appendix G-3 provides a sample schedule

· Appendix G-4 lists sample questions one might ask

Examples of Top Exercises as well as tips are attached and additional examples can also be found at:

Please remember this Table Top Exercise needs to relate to Hurricanes and hurricane preparedness for further study and must be original work, rather than an existing exercise.  It will be submitted through Safe Assign to check for originality.

Refer to rubric on page 2


Exercise Structure Points Range:2.6 (20%) – 2.6 (20%)

Exercise follows table-top exercise format as outlined in the Public Health Emergency Exercise Toolkit or the format in the example given.

Realism of Exercise Scenario Points Range:2.6 (20%) – 2.6 (20%)

Exercise presents a realistic and comprehensive storyline that serves as a backdrop for the exercise and details the conditions and technical issues at play.

Effectiveness of the Presentation Points Range:2.6 (20%) – 2.6 (20%)

Exercise process and flow are described in detail. Steps needed to run the exercise are outlined. Discussion points and inject points are pertinent and address important features of the exercise.

Appropriateness of the Exercise Scope and Objectives to the Target Hazard Points Range:2.6 (20%) – 2.6 (20%)

Exercise is appropriate to the target hazard in scope and objectives.

Usefulness of Materials Referenced in the Exercise Points Range:2.6 (20%) – 2.6 (20%)

Materials are useful and contribute to the overall effectiveness of the exercise.