Team Building and Training Programs



Team Building and Training Programs

Vibert Jacob

South University

Team Building and Training Programs


Teambuilding plays a critical role in the improvement of the productivity of the workforces of different business organizations. Most organizations are currently leveraging the benefits of team building to reinforce unity and teamwork in their respective human resource management plans. Over the recent past, various business organizations have joined the league of providing a gamut of training programs critical in improving the cohesion of workforce specialized for the specific needs of different corporate businesses (Bailey, Mankin, Kelliher, & Garavan, 2018). Fresh Tracks Inc. one of the leading company providing team building training programs for various corporate entities. Ensuring productive and motivated workforce are some of the enabling factors in addressing challenges associated with attracting and retaining best talents in the labor market. Therefore, the purpose of this research paper is to discuss the benefits of team building programs in meeting the specific needs of the company as discussed below;

Company Overview

Fresh Tracks Inc. is UK based company providing a wide range of training programs to different business corporations which intent to revamp their workforce through motivation and creation of a conducive work environment. The company has been in operation since the 1990s mainly providing human resources training programs to large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), NGOs as well as government institutions. The organization strives to offer a compelling combination of intellectually stimulating and engaging experience that is critical in creating a cohesive team ( Fresh Tracks, 2018). The training programs are essential in bringing together the new hires and existing employees in achieving common goals of the business organizations. The collaboration skills, team focus training, change management, leadership and management among other notable courses the Fresh Tracks Inc. is providing in teambuilding. Therefore, collaboration skills program will form the primary focus of this research paper as described below;

Key benefits of Training programs

The training programs provided by the Fresh Tracks Company contribute significantly to the attainment of some of the most critical needs of individual business organizations that chose to adopt such programs. Some of the most vital areas of improvement include enhanced communication among the team members. The opportunities allow as many team members to speak as a way of bonding with each other. In the process, business organizations tend to benefit hugely from the resulting effective communication strategies within their companies. Secondly, training programs provide an avenue for skill development. The sharing of ideas and skills allows individual employees to acquire a new set of skills and competencies to the advantage of the hiring company (Lussier & Hendon, 2017). Additionally, teambuilding is also critical in enabling the team members to discover and understand their roles as far as the operation and management of a business organization are concerned.

Collaboration Skills and Team Building

Collaboration and teamwork are some of the critical skills effective in improving the productivity of a workforce of different business organizations. Interpersonal, communication and problem-solving skills are essential in allowing team members to work together towards the attainment of common organizational goals and objectives. Such skills are vital when incorporated in the corporate culture of different companies. Moreover, such skills are crucial in building effective teamwork for long-term benefits of the business organizations.

Fresh Tracks Company and Training Course

I will choose to purchase the training program offered by the Fresh Tracks Inc. due to numerous reasons. For instance, the assessment of the company profile shows that the company has had a successful implementation of different team building training programs for various business organizations. Moreover, the company has been receiving positive reviews from many corporate entities regarding the effectiveness of various training programs the Fresh Tracks Inc. is providing. Additionally, the collaboration skills course that the organization is offering is in line with the precepts of the Belbin theory team building. The Belbin team roles describe critical approaches to creating mutual understanding and sharing of responsibilities among the team members. However, it is essential to modify some of the training programs that Fresh Tracks provide to corporate business to achieve the desired outcome when implementing the collaboration skills training program as shown below;

Customizing Training Courses

Organizations tend to face unique forms of challenges in the creation of useful and productive team membership depending on the type of organizational cultures adopted by the respective business companies. Therefore, there no universal standards for implementing team building training programs that address all the challenges that the company may be facing (Rickards & Moger, 2017).

Modification of the team focus training program is critical in the attainment of the unique goals and objectives of the business. Fresh Tracks Company provides specific approaches to dealing with the focus training courses. However, in adopting the contents of such courses, assessment of the overarching organizational goals and objects play critical roles in reducing goal-blindness among the team members and channeling their energies towards the attainment of long-term and short-term business’ needs (Lussier & Hendon, 2017).

Similarly, further customizing of the content of a change management course that the training company is providing to suit the existing organizational culture of the client company. Ideally, different companies have a set of espoused values that they usually bring forth when introducing new changes in the management and running of the businesses. Similarly, implementing the training programs on leadership and management relies on the existing culture of the client organization (Rickards & Moger, 2017). As a consequence, such training programs should be tailored to meet the business goals and objectives.


Therefore, it is critical to note that teambuilding plays significant roles in the improvement of productivity and general effectiveness of the workforce in different companies. The choice on which programs to implement largely depend on the internal business needs and objectives. Some courses on team building require some forms of customization to make them efficacious in addressing the unique challenges of the various organizations. The corporate world has continued to face a myriad of problems in the labor market, particularly in attracting and retaining top talents in the market. Building unity among the team members can be an enabling factor in enhancing the general productivity of business organizations.


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