To be hired as a Corporate Sales Executive


45 Jackson St Tiffin,Ohio 44883




To be hired as a Corporate Sales Executive

To start building my career with the income I get

To integrate my classroom knowledge in the corporate world

Convince you why I am a good candidate for the Platinum Communication job vacancy



About me

My Educational Background

My Professional Background

Why Choose Platinum Communications?

Why am I qualified for an employment position in Platinum Communications?

Why start my career with Platinum Communication

About Me

Reliable Person

I always manage my time wisely and allocates each task a specific duration

I Prioritize the most urgent or crucial tasks

I am an organized person hence client’s data is safe with me

Caring person

Whenever I am not occupied, I participate in charitable works

My Educational Background

Upon graduation I plan seek formal employment in your organization

Tiffin University

Major in Marketing and double major in International Business

2019 Expected Graduation


Professional Experience

Hotel Cashier

Summer breaks

2013 break

Charitable work at children’s elderly homes and as a marketer and cashier


Why Platinum Communications?

Platinum Communications is a great place to start my career since

They don’t demand for years of experience which is good for fresh graduates

They have a competent pay structure

They care about the wellbeing of their employees

What I Know About Platinum Communications

The company has operated in the corporate and event market since 2013

Has maintained a strong and loyal client base

Offers high quality and high value solutions at a competitive price

Located in Al Hafeez Heights, 2nd Floor, office number 206, Ghalib Road Gulberg III Lahore

Why I am Qualified for an Employment Position at Platinum Communication?

I share Platinum Communication core values. This is because:

I show maximum respect to my clients regardless of their status or purchase history.

I always act with integrity hence I am always accountable

I am passionate about my job and I handle each task wholeheartedly

I am willing to learn new things

I love success

I am academically qualified for a marketing position.

Why Start My Professional Career at Platinum Communication

They don’t require prior experience

I am a fresh graduate with no profession career experience

Gain experience in the Corporate sales world

Perfect place to put my classroom knowledge into use

Get to transact with the fortune 500 companies which will give me more exposure in the business world.