Transitioning to a Digital Enterprise

Make the Case

Discover the Business Context

Stay on Top of Industry Trends

Identify Disruptive Technologies

Define a Value Driven Business Model

Spark the Digital Transformation

Sustain the Transformation

Build Digitized Support Capabilities

Establish Motivation for Digital

Experiment and Refine the Case

Accept and Learn from Failure

Celebrate Short-Term Wins

Inspire Action

Strive for Strategic Alignment

Apply Governance Mechanisms

Build and Maintain Guiding Coalition

Improve the Return on Digital Investment

Communicate Payoff Effectively

Digital strategy is a business strategy inspired by the capabilities of powerful, readily accessible technologies (like SMACIT), intent on delivering unique, integrated business capabilities that are responsive to constantly changing market conditions.

✦ Customer Engagement providing superior, innovative, personalized customer experiences

✦ Digitized Solutions transforms a company’s business model by reformulating what the company is selling

types of digital disruption

✦ Aim for Direction – Not at a Target

✦ Build Digital Capabilities

✦ Executing Your Digital Strategy