Tutor Paul_mak

Johnny Velardo

September 8th, 2018


Professor James

One debate that is current in North Carolina is about hog farmers, many people have been complaining about shutting down Hog farming and believing there has been act of animal cruelty through it. hog farmers have been protecting their lands for decades and these new comers have come to live in a state that is known for agriculture. What I want to know if these people believe shutting down hardworking family farms that have been passed down from generation really believe shutting down will fix the problem they believe is happening? Why wouldn’t these newcomers move to a different location and allow these families who have been around for many decades? Many people have stated that people have complained about the smell and the noise because of them hog farmers, personally if they’re not pleased with the atmosphere, they have every right to move and allow these farmers to continue working on their family land like they have proceeding to do after many decades. I believe this can influence a lot more than just an audience, it can change the whole state for N.C. and believing its best to shut down a state known for agriculture. I know many will take their side and agree to just down the Hog farming but from a country background such as myself it’s not that simple, giving the idea to shut down what many families worked hard for to build from nothing. Simply because people do not agree the way people are handling their business.

Another debatable issue that has come to mind is about the Nike AD that presents the activist Colin Kaepernick in the front cover, many people have been outraged that someone who kneels during every national anthem, would be the spokesperson of Nike. What many do not understand that Colin has every right as an American to speak what he feels is right or wrong. Giving them circumstances that this man is preaching about police brutality he is making a statement. I understand the flag has many different meanings to everyone; however, many people do not realize that he has been kneeling way before anyone ever found out he was. This isn’t something that just happen, he has been persistent with it to prove a point. People do not realize that African Americans have been facing police brutality for a long time and people do not want to face the reality that the men who wear the badges are the enemies at times. I feel what he is doing standing up for his race is showing viewers to stand for what is right and wrong. Showing the younger kids in color to speak up for themselves if no one else will. What I do not understand about this whole debate is why people believe burning merchandise from Nike is going to change their minds? Do they want to make a statement as well as Colin? Many people believe Nike is doing this to get more support from the black community and to many surprises giving everything that has happen after this ad. There sales boosted 30%.

The last final debate that should be brought up because of a conversation I have previously over heard the other day about fast food workers getting that pay raise. Now I can only say the only people I believe chik-fil-a employees deserve that pay raise because they gave great customer service and enjoy what they do and always help everyone. While many other fast food workers tend to mix up your order or forgot something. They forget to add something to your sandwich or drink orders. I feel that fast food workers who want that raise are not motivated enough to go back to school or school online to better themselves. I believe they’re too comfortable where they’re and do not want to better themselves. Many viewers see that many of these workers do not deserve the raise because they show lack of motivation, while this debate is ongoing because people cannot live on fast food wages. Many people are not pushing themselves to do better and many people frown upon it. I wonder if these workers understand that maybe they could replace everyone and equip with self-service machines with the pay raise they want. Many people question why they do not go to school? Why stay in a job for 16 year olds should be working?