Unit 7 Assignment: Your Story

HU 240 Introduction to Humanities – Unit 7 Final Project

Estimated time to complete: 4 hours

The final project asks you to demonstrate that you have gained mastery of these objectives:

 Explain how and why study of the Humanities is relevant to contemporary human experience.

 Analyze how personal experience affects one’s interpretation of humanities texts.

Throughout this course, you have discovered how looking at life from different perspectives expands

your view of the world, and provides a richer experience of life both individually and collectively.

 In Unit 1 you learned about mythology, heroes and villains, philosophy, and ethics. You saw how

philosophy can frame an idea or situation completely differently depending upon the way that

you look at things.

 In Unit 2 you learned about the importance of perception and point of view in the creation of

individual and collective memories. The way that people see life is the way that they remember


 In Unit 3 you discovered the different ways that religion shapes the reality of the followers, as

well as the impact that different religions have on life globally. Again, this opportunity to

examine other ways of thinking expands your own perceptions so that you understand the

perspectives of others a bit better.

 In Unit 4 you found different ways of expressing the stories that shape your life, and the lives of

others. You read the dark tale of premeditated murder from Edgar Allen Poe and saw how his

protagonist justified a heinous act. Poetry is found in all types of forms, and you constructed

your own story and poem to start building your final assessment.

 Unit 5 found music in all its multiple shapes and forms. From classical through death metal,

music adds a depth to the experience of life that no other medium possesses. You added music

to your final project story, and expanded the depth of your story.

 Unit 6 expanded the definition of visual arts from just drawings or paintings to architecture, 3D

art, and dance. By adding multiple forms of expression to your final project, you tell a more

meaningful and emotionally powerful story to really draw your audience closer to your


 Unit 7 provided the framework to see the world through the different cohorts of people. Life

looks very differently to people at different times of their lives. The impact of culture and cohort

adds another framework for you to reflect upon your story and think about other ways of

perceiving your experiences.

Assignment Instructions:

In this final project, tell your story using narrative, poetry, music, visual art, and reflection on how other

people may perceive your story.

 You will create a 4 to 8 minute recorded presentation and post it as an attachment or a YouTube

video link.

 Click on the Unit 7 Assignment title link above to submit your assignment.

In Units 4, 5, & 6, you created different components for a multimedia presentation for your final

project, either as a Powerpoint slide presentation, or a recorded video presentation. This presentation is

your creation about something important in your life.

 In Unit 4, you chose one literary genre (comedy, drama, folk tale, fantasy, science fiction, etc.)

and wrote a story about something in your life that you care about or a significant experience in

your life. This story is the foundation of your short 4 to 8 minute presentation.

 In Unit 5, you added music to your story either as background music added for emphasis, or as a

focal point of your presentation.

 In Unit 6, you found artwork and pictures that can either be presented as slides in your

presentation, or pictures that you can show in your recording.

 Finally you will pull it all together to either create a recorded video or Powerpoint presentation

of you (your voice as a voiceover) telling this story using the music and art to bring your story to


 The final recording should be between 4 to 8 minutes long.

 In a Word document, provide a reflection on your final story and analyze your choices.