Unit I—Classical Philosophy & Knowing Thyself—Plato’s Apology

This paper is required to be an expository and argumentative essay with a small research component, not—for instance—a summary of, literary analysis of, or personal reflection on the Apology.

I strongly encourage you to consult with the Writing Centre (found on the 3rd floor of the rear of Blume Library) as you write.

Present one of Socrates’ arguments against Meletus’ charges. Recall that there are two arguments against the first charge and one against the second charge. (Paragraph III)

Before doing so, however, provide a discussion about the meaning of elenchus (Gk.) in its Socratic context. (Paragraph II)

Provide a brief introduction (with your thesis—see below) before completing these two parts of the essay.

(Paragraph I)

Then discuss whether you believe the argument to be strong or weak, being sure to have presented a thesis in the introductory paragraph that takes a stand on the argument’s strengths and weaknesses. (Paragraph IV)

End the essay with some discussion of the meaning of either education or religion. That is, what have you learned about either of these foundational topics/questions through your engagement with Plato’s Apology—i.e. with Socrates, with me, with your peers? (Paragraph V)

Recall a point made repeatedly in class: a professor, say, for all her experience, information, ideas and know-how, is no expert regarding the meaning of education. Why not? What foundational notions do topics like education raise? Of course, the same goes for a cleric and religion. And lawyers. And physicians. And politicians. And artists. And so on.

Paper requirements:

Write 2-3 pages and only 2-3 pages
No title or title-page required
Provide name, course number and section in top left-hand corner of a blank page attached to the essay. Pagination required
Use Times-New Roman, 12-pt font, please – double-space
Three quotations and/or paraphrases from the text are required
Cite and reference (i.e. Works Cited) per APA-, MLA-, or Chicago-style
Feel free to write in first-person
Ensure that you use topic and transition sentences with each paragraph
Hard copies only—no electronic submission, please
Get the paper to me by the end of class on September 18th—no later w/o permission