Unit Plan 2

Unit Plan (Adaptation for Special Education) part 2

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Unit Plan 2

Unit Plan Part 1

Class Description

This is a fifth-grade class with 12 students in total. There are six female students and six male ones. The class makes use of a co-teaching approach and there are reading specialists who assist with the students. There is a female student who has Asperger’s and is also ADHD. Another of the female students reads on a 3rd grade level and is LD. There is a boy who wears glasses as a result of a visual impairment. The students in the class cooperate with one another and are always excited to assist when necessary. The others in the class are at the writing and reading level of fifth grade or higher. There are visuals used in the music and reading class. There is movement in the class every 30 minutes which helps the girl with ADHD. There are several group activities like reading in pairs to help students develop social skills. The book that will be used for the class is Rosa by E. Cunninham.

Seating Chart 

Unit Plan Part 1 Form

Subject Area: ___Rhythm_______________________ Name of Unit: __Reading_____________________ SOL/s: ________________

Dayy Objective Teacher Instructs Guided Practice Independent Practice Evaluation Adaptation/s
1 The students will get to see the similarities that are there between different words. Which words are similar and can you identify which one’s rhyme? Picking out words that rhyme. Every student needs to pick out 5 words and identify 5 others that rhyme and read them out loud. Every student will identify 10 sets of rhyming words. The female student with LD will be assisted in reading out rhyming words by the co-teacher.
2 Selection of words patterns Reading of a chapter of the book. Select a single page in the book and identify any rhyming words. Every student will fill out a worksheet. Every student will be required to orally recite all rhyming words that they picked out. The male student who is visually impaired will be given additional 10 minutes to pick out the rhyming words.
3 Identification of any items in the room that may rhyme. Close observation and naming of items in the class environment. Writing down names of all the items. Selection of any words that rhyme and putting them next to each other. Selection of words that rhyme with those of class items. There will be moving about the class in an organized manner to accommodate the student with ADHD.
4 Ability to determine any other similarities that are there between words. Identify the words which have similar beginnings or middle parts. Determine why the words sound the same and add on to them. Identify which words are just similar and which one’s rhyme. Explain why they rhyme. Selection of similar sounding words in the course text. There will be a projection of the chapter of the book to be used to accommodate the visually impaired student. The student who is LD will be assisted by the co-teacher.
5 Creation of a PowerPoint Presentation General instructions on creation of presentations. Help when required in making the presentation. Selection of the words to be used. Group assignment presentation to the class. Student’s work in groups to help the Asperger’s student socialize and to help the LD girl.

Third Grade Level

Chapter Two

A New Friend

Graciela had finished her dinner and requested the Mom to give them chance to play a little before going to bed. The mom granted her permission to play with Rosa but it was to be for just a little time because of school the following day. Rosa disliked school and with a frown on her face took Graciela and Juan and out they went to play. A dog came outside with them to play. Rosa pets the dog’s nose and sighs “Lucky Dog”; there’s no school for you tomorrow. Graciela went ahead and Rosa went around the corner and saw a girl on the swing. The girl was the same size as Rosa. The girl was think and with long blonde hair. They stared at each other for a while and then the girl spoke, “Hi, I am Betty”. Rosa told her name and the dog was introduced as Lady. Rosa told the new friend that the dog had followed them to the cabin and asked who she belonged to. Betty said that the dog belonged to the owner of the orchard. Betty told Rosa that she was the daughter of the pastor and that the orchard owner goes to their church. Rosa went on to tell Betty that they live in one of the cabins and that their dad is helping to pick apples. Betty asked Rosa where she goes to school and she responded saying that they had just arrived the previous day. “Maybe you can come to my school,” Betty said. Betty said that she went to a Christian school at the church happily. Betty went on to tell Rosa that school was fun and she had many new friends. Rosa began to feel like maybe if she went to school with her new friend things would be better for her. Rosa asked her new friend” Does it cost money to go?” Her friend said, “Yes but maybe I could ask Daddy about a scholarship for you. I know some kids get them if they cannot pay.” Rosa was unsure if her Dad would let her since the bus was coming for her in the morning. “How would she get to the school?” she asked. Betty told her not to worry, “They would come get her in the van. We pick up a few other students too.” Rosa stared into the hills next to the valley and watched while the sun was setting and the still manner that they apple trees lay. She thought about how exciting it would be if she was in school with her new friend. She thought of another question to ask her friend. “I do not have nice clothes to wear.” She noticed that Betty had play clothes on and that for school she probably had pretty clothes. Betty told Rosa “that it did not matter what you wear as long as it was neat and clean.” “That skirt and shirt you have on is fine.” Betty took Rosa’s hand. “Come on; let’s go ask my Dad to talk to your Dad. Rosa was not sure of how her Dad would react to this. Betty said that she would want Rosa to teach her Spanish. “Let’s go talk to my Dad now” and Betty pulled Rosa along. Rosa told her,” I’ll have to take my brother and sister back so Mom does not worry.” Betty told her, “just bring them along; we will only be gone a few minutes.” Rosa remembered that she had found a good friend in the new place. She promised herself to remember Betty even if the parents did not want to take her to this school. Rosa was not afraid anymore and the four children went down the path to the residence of the Joneses. The sun was shining through the trees brightly as it was late in the afternoon. Rosa looked at Betty and thought maybe they could share things at school and things she had not shared with anyone. From the orchard came a song from the robin like the one playing in her heart. Betty warned of the fact that there could be snakes in the orchard. Rosa held her brother and sister hands closer to her. Betty said, “I did not mean to scare you, I just wanted you to know.” She told Rosa that she has little brother that she has to keep an eye on sometimes too. They were no nearing the house and the dog ran ahead racing to the men who were talking outside. One of the men was tall and the other man was older. “There’s my Dad now,” Betty said. “I will tell him about you and see if he can come with us to talk to your Mom and Dad.” Betty went over to the tall man and he put his arm around her shoulder and looked at the other children coming toward him. “Daddy, this is Rosa and her brother and sister, “Betty said. “Can you come talk to her dad and mom about her coming to our school?” Rosa made circles in the grass with her toe as she stood with her head down, not daring to look up at the two men. Her little brother’s hand was hot as she held it tight and her sister stood beside her. Betty’s Dad said, “let us introduce your friends to Mr. Jones too.” “I’m sorry, Mr. Jones, Betty said. “This is Rosa. Her Daddy works for you and they live in one your cabins.” Mr. Jones smiled and said, “You must be the Gomez children. I’m happy to meet you. Your dad is a good worker.” Rosa looked up. Mr. Jones liked her dad. And he must have fixed the play area for the worker’s children. He is a good man, she decided. He said, “I see you have met Lady,” he said. “She loves kids.” He bent down to Juan. “And what is your name, young man?” Juan hid his face in Rosa’s skirt. Rosa said “this is Juan and Graciela” as she pulled her sister from behind her. Betty was pacing around her father. “Can we go ask Rosa’s dad if she can go to our school?” “I suppose I can drop by later. Let me finish talking to Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones told Betty’s dad which cabin and the children went on to Rosa’s house. “I’m scared,” Rosa said. “I do not think dad will let me go to your school.” “Let’s pray and ask Jesus to help him,” Betty said. They girls stopped and the children got in a circle and prayed. Rosa was puzzled after wards about how they could just pray right there in the middle of the orchard. She had only prayed once in church, one of the few times they had gone. She remembered her prayer and how the light came through the stained- glass windows. She had asked for a friend but she had never been anywhere long enough to have a friend. She hoped they would get to the house before Dad came looking for them at the playground. Betty said another quick prayer about Rosa’s Dad letting her comes to school with Betty and they were on their way to the cabin. When they came to the cabin Rosa was relieved that no one was out looking for them. Rosa motioned for Betty to come in. Rosa’s dad had the radio on and was listening to the news in Spanish. Her Mom was nowhere in sight. “Dad, this is Betty”, Rosa said. “Where is Mom?” “Hola, Betty, hello,” said Dad as he turned down the radio. “Your Mom went to the washroom to get water for doing the dishes.” “What fun”, Betty said. “It’s sort of like camping, isn’t it?” She asked Rosa, “Where do you sleep?” Rosa said, “We sleep on the floor with quilts under us.” Betty read the name on the stove. “Midget. What a cute stove,” she said. “Do you cook everything on this?” “Yes,” Rosa said. I made tortillas on top of the stove this afternoon. And Mom cooked the tomatoes and beans on it, too.” “How did you learn to make tortillas?” Rosa had to smile. What a silly question, she thought. “I’ve made tortillas since I was a little girl. I just watch how my Mom does it. A person can learn anything if they want to.” Betty said, “You’re lucky you get to cook.” “My mother only lets me bake cookies sometimes, but that’s about all.” The door opened and Mom walked inside with a bucket of hot water. She looked surprised when she saw Betty. Rosa saw the surprised look in Mom’s eyes and quickly explained. “This is Betty. Her Dad is a minister and he want to talk to you and Dad about me going to their school.” I hope you will say yes when my daddy asks, “Betty said. “Rosa is my friend and I want her to come to my school.” “Where is your school?” Dad said. “Is it the same one Rosa will go to?” “It is in our church”, Betty said. “In the church?” “Well we use the Sunday school rooms for school classes during the week. Then on Sunday we have Sunday school classes in them.” Rosa looked at her Dad. She could not tell if he was pleased or angry. Betty did not seem to be afraid to talk to Rosa’s Dad. She talked to him as if she had known him all her life. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Dad went to answer. Betty’s father stood at the door. He stuck out his hand to Mr. Gomez.” Hello, I’m Pastor Baker. I see you have met my daughter.” “Come in,” Dad said. “Buenas noches.” “Good evening,” Mr. Baker said. “Betty tells me that your daughter would like to come to our school.” He glanced at Betty. “Or maybe it’s my daughter who wants her to come.” Rosa’s Dad waited. “I just heard about it. I need to know more about this school. Sit down, please.” He pulled out a chair for the pastor. Betty stood next to Rosa and told her to pray. Mr. Baker cleared his throat. “We believe that the Bible is the word of God and that all truth is God’s truth. So, we base our teaching on the words and truths in the Bible. We have smaller classes and the teachers can work closely with the children.” Rosa’s Dad was quiet and seemed to be thinking. He spoke: “Do you teach reading and math?” “Oh yes,” Mr. Baker said. “We teach all the subjects along with Bible. The goal of a Christian school is to put God first in all that we do.” “Does it cost any money? We don’t have much money.” “Yes,” the pastor said. Most parents pay. But we do have scholarships.” Betty could not keep still anymore. “Please let Rosa come,” she pleaded.” She’s my friend now. I will help her with English, and she is going to help me to learn Spanish.” Rosa’s eyes lit up. Her dad would be happy about that but Mr. Gomez was not convinced. “Where does the money come from for the scholarships?’ he said. “Some of them are paid for by Christian people who have a concern for children. Some money is raised through fundraisers put on by the school.” Rosa could hardly breathe through all the talking. She looked at her mom. Her mom was letting Dad do all the talking. She sat on the side of the bed holding Juan on her lap. Rosa wished that her mom would speak up and tell her dad how much Rosa wanted a friend. Rosa started to pray silently,” Dear God, please help Dad to let me go to Betty’s school.” Her Dad stood up and looked at Rosa. “Do you want to go to this Christian school?” His voice sounded rough. . “Yes, Dad.” Rosa took a deep breathe.” I would like to go with my friend Betty.” “How far away is the school?” asked Rosa’s Dad. “Could she walk?” “We could pick her up, couldn’t we, Daddy?” Betty said. “If her parents say yes we will see to it that she has transportation.” Rosa’s Dad said “If she wants to go and it does not cost anything and there is a ride”, she can go.” Betty grabbed Rosa and swung her around the room. “Rosa, you are coming with me to school tomorrow.” “Manana,” Rosa said. “Manana,” Betty echoed. “That means tomorrow doesn’t it?’ Once again, the girls danced around the room. Rosa looked out the window the sky was alive with color and it reminded Rosa of the stain –glass window in the church where she had prayed for a friend. Maybe there really is a God who listens to children. For some reason Rosa’s Dad had agreed to let her go. Was it the answer to Betty’s prayer? Or hers? Either way it was a miracle. “We had better be going home, Betty”, Mr. Baker said. “Your mother will wonder what happened to us.” Betty gave Rosa one last hug. “I’ll see you mananna. What is the Spanish word for friend?” “Amiga.” “Adios, amiga,” said Betty. “Adios, amiga,” Rosa replied. Betty and her father left. “Thank you, Dad,” Rosa said. She felt the water in the bucket. “This is cold. I’ll go and get another bucket and help with the dishes.” She quickly filled the bucket from the faucet in the washroom, careful not to spill any of the hot water. She had better hurry and get the dishes done, so she could take a shower. She needed to wash her blouse and skirt too, so they would be ready for school. On the way back to the cabin, Rosa saw the last soft pink and purple streaks fading in the sky. Dark shadows were being made on the hills but light touched the tops making it look like golden fingers. It looked as if giant hands had molded the hills, leaving finger prints where they worked the clay. “The hand of God moves over all the earth.” Some where she had heard this. Could it be that God made everything and He cared for her? Did He know about a little girl who was afraid to go to school by herself? Was it too much to hope that He, too could be her friend?


Cunninham, E. (2013). Rosa (2nd Edition). Pensacola,FL.City Name:A Beka Book.

Running Head: Unit Plan


Unit Plan Part 1

Running Head: Unit Plan 1

Unit Plan Part 1