update milestone two and four table

IHP 525 Milestone Four Template


Student Name:

Put responses in the boxes below each question.

State the question you will pursue in the box below.

(This should be copied and pasted from the list of questions and should be the same question submitted in weeks 2, 3, and 5 unless you have changed your question.)

Provide ONE graph that is useful in explaining your results.

You may copy and paste this from another program, take a screen shot, etc.


Explain why you chose this graph above any others to explain the situation.
What test/analysis technique did you perform?

(It is highly recommended that you perform ONLY ONE test or technique. Some examples include a t-test, regression, etc.)

There is a hypothesis test associated with your test/technique (even if you are not doing a t-test).

What is your null hypothesis?

What is your alternative hypothesis?
Provide all relevant calculations for your hypothesis test/ statistical technique.

Make sure your final answers are clear (bold, highlight, etc.).

Pick ONE statistical calculation from above.
Explain what this one statistical calculation means for your analysis and the question of interest.
What is the practical conclusion of your statistical test?

(This should be the answer to your question of interest and the reasoning for the conclusion should be clear.)

How did your technique/test help you answer your question of interest? In other words, why did you choose this test?
Include any screenshots of your calculations that are appropriate.