Watch HBO Weight of a Nation Part 1 Movie to answer the following questions:

8. At present in the U.S., less than one percent of the population meets all seven criteria for ideal cardiovascular health (List all 7 of the criteria after watching movie). How many you meet? What could you do nutritionally to meet more of them? (worth 2 point)

9. Childhood weight problems can lead to complications such as elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, joint problems, type 2 diabetes, gallbladder disease, asthma, depression and anxiety. Currently, how many people in the US (children included) are living with Type II diabetes? You can use the CDC website to get your statistics. (worth 1 point)

10. Which of the Bogalusa Heart Study findings (from the movie) surprised you the most (Discuss 2)? (worth 2 points)

11. Why do you think the obesity epidemic has increased over the last three decades? What has changed in our communities and our country to contribute to this increase (what is one example from the movie)? (worth 2 points)

12. Go to: 

Take the survey. What were your results? What areas of nutrition do you need to make improvements on? If you are not yet 20, say that you are 20 in order to complete assessment. (Worth 5 points)