Wedding Plan: Work Breakdown Structure



Wedding Plan: Work Breakdown Structure

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Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Initiation The Project Charter Develop the project charter

Submit the project charter

Project sponsors review the charter

Project charter approved/signed

Come up with the project scope

Meetings with the bride and the groom

Selecting the project team

Project plan and proposal Budget Constant communication with the bride and the groom Analyzing the potential donors

Coming up with a date for the fundraising

Identifying a suitable venue for the fundraising

Printing and sending of fundraising invitation cards

Receiving money from the donors.

Getting the wedding ceremony officiant

Drafting the guest list

Printing the wedding cards

Sending invitations

Reserving the date and venue.

Printing of the wedding programs

Venue Identification of a suitable location Selecting a venue which can host 200 guests

Venue visitation

Check for suitability of the venue

Arranging for the hotel payments

Decoration of the venue

Catering Food arrangements Find caterers

Paying for catering services

Purchasing refreshments

Selection of a dinner location

Setting of the utensils

Settling for a suitable menu

Choose a cake design

Entertainment Music Acquiring of music equipment

Soliciting for a band

Conducting the dance lessons.

Selection of the reception song list.

Acquiring and paying for DJ services.

Acquiring a suitable light system.

Arranging for dinner entertainment.

Security Guest’s security Identifying threats in the environment

Acquiring security personnel for the wedding day

Coming up with strategies to mitigate risks which may arise.

Décor Gowns and the venue Get the wedding gown

Hiring a florist

Purchase flowers

Choose the wedding color and theme

Decide on the bridesmaids dresses

Acquire the groomsmen outfits

Settle on the necessary accessories and acquire them.

Acquire hair and makeup artist.

Purchasing of wedding rings

Contacting a photographer

Sourcing for media coverage

Oder wedding favors

Decorating cars

Decorating the stage

The ceremony Coordination of events Reception of guests

Preaching and speech delivery.

Exchanging of vows.

Signing of the marriage contract.

Sharing of the cake.

Gifting the bridal party.

Taking of photographs.

Transport Deciding on the most suitable means Acquiring the cars

Acquiring the drivers

Paying for the guest’s transportation

The bride and the groom’s transportation

Set up carpooling service for guests

Printing of detailed maps to the venue

Close-out Honey moon Location of the destination and reservation

Paying for the hotel

Acquiring of passports and visas

Arranging for local transport to the airport

Arranging for the flights

Purchasing of special equipment and items for the new destination

Issuing of thank you notes

Designing the marriage license

Conducting exit meeting

Gauging client happiness