Week 1 Essay

One of the first challenges you will have during the dissertation process is choosing a suitable topic. Think about topics or courses that have interested you during your graduate school career. What business courses and research studies have you found most intriguing? You want to choose a broad topic that you can investigate fully during your literature review process during this course. One of the ultimate goals of this course is to review the scholarly literature on a broad topic so that you can then select two to three potential areas of inquiry for your dissertation.  However, what is considered a scholarly source?  The readings for this week focus on selecting a topic, the multiple purposes of a literature review, sources of information and literature searches, and information organization.

The assignment for this week will get you started on choosing a topic toward which you might devote your research efforts. The assignment for this week includes two parts. The first part will help you select a topic to investigate for your dissertation, and the second part will help you begin to develop your literature search “toolbox.”