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Workplace discrimination is one of the least talked about subjects in the corporate world. Discrimination against women in the corporate world is even less talked about. With laws in place, one would consider the corporate world a place without the option for any type of prejudice. So, is there actual discrimination against women in the workplace? Regardless, there Is plenty of women discrimination happening not only in The United States, but can also around the country. Today, we will discuss the types of discrimination against women seen around countries such asnn The United States, Britain, Australia, and China. We will also discuss if these discriminations are being addressed in the workplace. We will also tackle if women are seen as actual equals to their male counterparts in the workplace. Lastly, we will

How different is the pay for women and men between Iarge and small organizations?

Maybe women discrimination is occurring in large corporations only.

Maybe women don’t take on more opportunities then their male corworkers.

Often referred to as the glass ceiling

Wage Gap

Counter Argument:

With all of laws in Corporate America that stops Gender discrimination, it can be argued that women in the workplace may not want higher paying jobs. Women may choose to focus on the issues that they have outside of their jobs instead of climbing the ladder. Getting promoted gains many more responsibilities that some women with families may not choose to take on. For example, a responsibility for a promotion may be to have a more flexible schedule. “According to research, flexible-working schedules are the number one thing women say is the most effective tool in furthering their careers.” (Lovewell-Tuck) Some women may not have the opportunity to stay at work later or come in early due to having to take care of their children or having a lack of family support. Many women may choose to deal with their family obligations rather than compete in corporate. More men may have the choice to have a more flexible schedule, making them more qualified for a higher position. This can be argued that a person’s outside influences can be the reason for not being in higher job positions.

Women have to work more hours in order to get more

Women with children are not given the same opportunities as others.

Women without children


have to suffer

Women in China are told to either accept the corporate world or family. “Men faculty are not expected to take care of children, prioritize research over teaching in their career and spend more time on research.” (


Regardless of circumstance, a man and women should have the same opportunities when it comes to creating their future. Gender should not hinder a promotion at work and should go to the right candidate for that job. Gender equality should be embraced at every company, no matter how big or small that company is.