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Stevens District Hospital formulated a goal based on technology that will help the organization to attain its vison. The hospital aimed at upgrading the quality score of HCAPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) in all six norms. The hospital managed to improve HCAPS scores in four of the norms whereby the two elements, inpatient satisfaction, and primary care patient satisfaction were not attained. By attaining all the scores in the HCAPS, this will help the organization create an efficient physician practice system that will allow them to offer a variety of services to its clients therefore, helping to achieve its goal of improving the quality care and expanding its services in a wide range.

In order to determine the progress of the organization, I would consider whether Steven District Hospital has been able to accomplish some of the desired goals. First milestone necessary for the progress is technology. A competing hospital should be technologically fabricated with devices and equipment used in offering services. It should adopt the e-visit way of treatments of patients, as it is simplified and efficient way because patients can be treated from any region at any time.

The norm that I would use to measure the goal attainment is the number of patients that were served with the organization. By implementing new technology in hospitals, patients will be more comfortable with the new system used. Individually, patients will be able to manage their own health states when they get informed how the devices work. Secondly, Professionals will be able to come up with solutions easily. Thirdly, Technology advancement in an organization will ensure easy communication and interaction with the public.

In conclusion, Stevens District Hospital visions can be achieved only if the organization implements the modern scientific technology in offering its services in treating patients. These activities will ensure quality services are offered and produce greater outcomes in future.


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(“HCS 499 Capstone: Goals for Stevens District Hospital Healthcare Capstone Paper Help – Precision Essays”, 2018)