Lab 1 Worksheet – Intro to Biology Name _____________________

Objective: The objective of this lab is to introduce you to the study of Biology including how living organisms are classified into groups.

Reading Assignment: Read 15.6 and 15.7; The Kingdoms of Life and Domain: A Higher Level of Classification from the textbook Essentials of the Living World. There is a pdf of a power point for this lab.

Living organisms have many similarities, and many differences. For this worksheet you need to analyze the characteristics of organisms to determine which category they are in.

Fill out the following table, listing the domain and kingdom the organism belongs to and indicating if the organism has each structure (yes or no). You can find information in your book, in the power point for Week 1 or on the internet.

Data Table 1. Organization of Living Things

Domain Kingdom Cell Membrane Cell Wall Nucleus Multicellular
E coli

Use information from the Power Point to answer the following questions.

List one characteristic that E. coli shares with mushrooms.

List one characteristic that is different between E. coli and yeast.

List one characteristic that yeast share with earthworms.

List one characteristic that is different between mushrooms and moss.

List one characteristic that is different between E. coli and paramecium.

List one characteristic that rose bushes share with dragonflies.

This semester you will be labeling photographs, both from the internet, and photographs that you take. To practice this, take a photograph of a living organism. Add a total of three labels to the photograph including the name of the organism and two separate structures. Insert the photograph here. There are instructions on how to resize and label photographs in the Week 1 folder.

Open the pdf Research and Scientific Method. We will do this lab next week. This week you need to generate data. Look at the figures on page 10 measuring height, wingspan, forearm and forearm and hand. To measure a subject’s forearm, have the person bend his/her arm and measure from the elbow to the wrist bone. To measure a subject’s forearm, have the person bend his/her arm and measure from the elbow to the tip of the longest finger. Report these measurements on 5 subjects (can include yourself) and report them on the worksheet.

Data Table 2. Testing the Hypothesis

Individual Age Sex Height (inches) Wing span (inches) Proportion

Height (inches)

Wingspan (inches)

To calculate the proportions divide

List proportions to two decimal places.

Once you have completed the worksheet you need to submit it using Blackboard.

Take Lab Quiz 1. This quiz covers the information from sections 15.6, 15.7.